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201 South St.
Carson City, NV 89701-4702

Nevada Keystone Kourt - past, present, whatever:


I guess I should start with a qualified disclaimer to distance my actions from the recent tragedy in PA, NY and DC. It's qualified because I'm not sure of their motives. Are they simply Dr. Laura-type religious fanatics perpetrating conservative-on-conservative violence: one sect trying to out "fire and brimstone" the other (devil) - I don't know if either side is unholy, but, I certainly reject the deities presented by each. Similarly, if Falwell, Bob Jones, Oliver North and others of this ilk represent the actual biblical Christ then I am rooting for the anti-Christ as the true Prince of Peace.

Or are they an overzealous faction of the growing numbers (worldwide) who complain about the same type of injustice presented below, but on an international level. Simple word, justice; easy to imitate, harder (but not impossible) to implement. The HAVEs have oppresssion, the HAVENOTs have terrorism. In any case this note was started three years ago: the actions are occurring now ONLY because I am out of funds (TIAA/CREF) and unable to work.

An unacceptably barbarous act that needs to be attacked on two levels: 1) prosecute THEM for criminal atrocity; 2) alter OUR unnecessary, elitist and noxious behavior that may be considered an instigation by the victim. I don't know their reasons or if it is possible to find a long-term resolution without more violence. You now know my reasons and have several options to stop me.


  1. PREAMBLE: you can't imagine how little I wanted to think about or look at this stuff again.
  2. THE GOALS: not SPECIAL treatment - only FAIR treatment.
  3. RULES OF ENCOUNTER: for efficiency and your own protection.
  5. BACKGROUND: why me, why now?


The intentions of this note should be clear since there is much ground to cover. Your legal judgment has been in effect for the last ten years; now it's time for justice. I have tried to be brief but complete, in the event this information needs to go public. This note summarizes the two documents cited below and adds some additional insight. Links provide supplemental arguments and details. We need to sort out why my 22-page Response, supported with 85 pages of documentation, was NOT relevent or believed. It is imperitive that you believe this: my actions will immediately cease if you adequately answer the simple questions contained within this note.


From Offut v US, 348 US . . . : "If due process means anything, it means a trial before an unbiased judge and jury." Are the Nevada emperors naked?

I am not interested in an apology that is neither sincere nor deserved. I am not forcing you to apologize, but to investigate. Therefore, these are the goals of this note.


Expedient, honorable resolution versus protecting your (perception of) honor, position, fraternity and industry. How many colleagues will you sacrifice to maintain the illusion?


Everything listed here was witnessed by at least one other person.

Tom Hoffer:

In summary Hoffer was too lazy, arrogant or incompetent to do his job, and all junior staff within his reach paid for it - most of all me.

Dick Egami:

In summary, I have never met an individual with less honor than Dick Egami - and I paid for it. While ohers wanted me gone, for reasons of ego, Egami needed me gone. Yet his name is nowhere in sight.

John Watson:

In summary Watson was too consumed with his research and too compromised to do his (first priority) managerial tasks, and I paid for it. Additionally, he loved to display his spoiled brat, only child attitude by having his way or dishing out irreverent doses of his power.

John Bowen:


I used to be suicidal; now, I'm suicidal with an attitude. Why waste the perks? I am now willing to spend an eternity in Hell for eliminating a few of your cadre.

I'm tired, folks. I just wish to sleep. At its best, my life was NOT easy: I have always been very shy, which means that some portion of my intellectual energy was needed to control this curse. Shy doesn't (automatically) mean you can't do something, only that it takes a greater amount of energy. A few years ago that energy level became too great for me to operate at a professional level - today, some 80% of my energy is devoted to negotiating this hurdle before the actual task can be undertaken. Everything, for me, was difficult, but I had the energy to overcome most intellectual and emotional deficiencies.

Now, the slightest negative is nearly impossible to deal with, while great positives (few as they are) mean almost nothing. For instance, while at school I received a letter with my grades - a 4.00 - which caused a reaction; okay I'm not a total idiot. Seconds later I needed a pencil to write a note and couldn't find one; I went berserk. Uncontrollably ripping into every location that should contain a pencil; which, for someone at school should be nearly everywhere.

On my arrival in Massachusetts - after three years of nerve-racking school, several mechanical failures, Toby Smith (even more devestating than the loss of money was the ton of straw added to the camel's back) and the attitudes of many locals (Nastychusetts as some refer to it - I'd bet anything that Larry Lodge is from MA) my mood was extremely low. Add to this the need to find living quarters - the State park I was residing in didn't provide an address for my employment search - yet I didn't have enough money, nor any income, to cover deposit and rent. In short time I was searching through and under my seat cushions to find enough money for food. When I finally found professional employment, four months after my arrival, I was in no shape to adequately function at the level this most perfect job demanded.

I am here now because I have failed in my ten-year attempt to comeback from the hole I was shoved into: DRI dug it, the courts dragged me to the edge and you finished the deal (pushing me in, filling the hole with dirt and tamping it down to present a nice/neat facade). It's unfortunate that this is happening now amidst other work-place violence: there is no link, nor were they any influence. If anything, they made me reconsider such actions. My initial sense was to apologize for the coincidental occurrences; however, it seems more appropriate to realize that something is wrong and your not providing the solution. I hope that the extensive documentation, suggested resolutions and non-lethal approach will answer the important questions. One question is: how much of the problem is attributed to you?

I was unable to rebound from the devastating obstacles in the path of regaining employment equal to the opportunities offered by a research institute and finally starting from square one (re-education and entry-level job). Also, considering the quality of life lost - starting a family, retirement, pursuing personal interests, and owning a home - the battle became meaningless. I want you to feel despair, to be without hope or worth - never planning more than a day ahead.

There has not been a single day, hour or second that I have been happy to be alive; having to start over after the tremendous effort (overachiever, based on my capabilities) I had put into the pursuit of my professional goals over the years, only to have those endeavors wiped from the ledger by an arrogant, uninformed and thoughtless sweep of the pen.

Those efforts include: