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Curriculum Rationale

Subject Areas and Grade Level



Curriculum Rationale

The children of today will be the policy makers of the future. By participating in this web quest your students will learn to analyze and understand material from a variety of web sites which will give them different perspectives about the situation in India and Pakistan. Students will independently formulate their viewpoints. They will then participate in effectively, clearly and persuasively articulating their proposals for a possible solution to a very real and sensitive world issue.

The friction between India and Pakistan must be of urgent interest and concern to the entire world. This is not only because both have the capability of nuclear warfare, but also because of the impact on the stability and economic potential of a region inhabited by over one billion people.

It is the attempt of this project to contribute towards peace and understanding between Pakistan and India in a small way. As we stand at the threshold of the millennium, students need to realize that they can make a difference in creating a world free of conflict, hatred and war.

Participation in this project will also:

Subject Areas

Social Studies, Information Processing and Technology Integration

Multidisciplinary Applicablity

International Relations, Current Affairs, Political Science, Contemporary History

Grade Level

Grades 6-12


Social Studies Objectives

Students will:

Information Processing and Technology Objectives

Students will:


This project was done in collaboration with
Mary Hulleman, Ames Middle School, Ames, Iowa, U.S.A.
in the online course:
Teaching Middle School through the WWW offered by
The University of Northern Iowa
Vicki Zylstra, my instructor, was a source of encouragement and support.

This WebQuest follows the framework developed by
Tom March in

The Quest draws inspiration from
Bernie Dodge's
Web Quest Page

Laurie Clark's peace site
gave many ideas on how to
promote peace in the world
through education.

Kathy Schrock's book
Developing Web Pages for School and Classroom,
provided information and guidance
in helping me build my first site.

For comments, questions or feedback please write to:
Fatemeh Sheikh (