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The Task

How do we figure all this out?

There are many sides to complex issues, especially when people are deeply committed to them.

As a member of one of the four delegations -- India, Pakistan, Kashmir, the U.S.-- you will investigate one of the six viewpoints involved.

Then you will work with your teammates to design a peace proposal that will consider everyone's needs.

You now have to make some choices:

First: Which of the four delegations will you join?

Split up into four groups: India, Pakistan, Kashmir or U.S.

Second: As part of your delegation whose viewpoint will you take:

  1. Kashmiris?
  2. Pakistanis?
  3. Indians?
  4. Americans?
  5. Nuclear Non-Proliferationists?
  6. Human Rights Activists?

What steps do you think would be effective in fostering a lasting peace between India and Pakistan?

Here are the steps you will now take:

Step One

You will become a member of one of the following four delegations:
India, Pakistan, Kashmir or U.S.

Step Two

Then you will investigate the point of view of one of six roles or view points in the Indo-Pak conflict:

  1. Kashmiris'

  2. Pakistanis'

  3. Indians'

  4. Americans'

  5. Nuclear Non-Proliferationists'

  6. Human Rights Activists'

Once you have carefully examined your role portfolio you will become an expert in your view point.

Each of the 4 delegations will have atleast 6 members, each representing a different view.

Step Three

You will bring your research back to the delegation of your choice:
India, Pakistan, Kashmir or U.S.

Then give a summary of your viewpoint to them.

Step Four

Your delegation will then collaborate and create a new solution to the crisis in the subcontinent:

A written peace proposal for consideration by the United Nations.

This process is called consensus.

Step Five

Finally, you will write a letter which will detail your point of view about the crisis in Kashmir.

Already you have background about the conflict and the peace process.

Now get ready to transform yourself into the role of an expert by researching your role portfolio below which contains relevant web sites.

Pause -- Think -- Make a choice.

Now go to the next page, click the role of your choice, investigate the web sites listed and start preparing your arguments!