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  The quiltmaker herself
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August 15, 2003
These are a few of the quilts I have made. I am currently working on about 10 projects, including quilting an antique queen-size charm quilt, and a new challenge, so stop back and visit for updates!

If you would like to know a little bit about me, grab a cup of cocoa and scroll on down! Otherwise choose any link from the left and enjoy my work!

I was born in Ohio in 1962. My mom's mother taught me how to sew on buttons and hand-hem by the time I was in Kindergarten. My dad's mother taught me how to crochet and knit. When I was about ten she taught me how to sew on a machine. The first few things I made fit horribly, so I shelved that idea for quite a few years!

When I was 19, I moved to Florida and got a job in a bank. I knew I needed to dress "professionally" but had more ingenuity than money! So I used some tax-return money to buy a sewing machine, some mix-and-match patterns, and fabric, and sat down to "teach" myself to sew all over again. By the time I got married in 1983 I had made my own wedding gown.

I went on to make most of the clothes for my family in those early "only a few of us" years. I won awards, too--as high as 2nd place in the State Fair for a tailored man's suit (twice) and Grand Champion in the County Fair for a bridesmaid's dress.

Since I am an inveterate "scrap-saver," quilting seemed a logical step! Actually I am an artist, and since having children, have never really wanted to mess with paints or canvasses. Fabric has become my medium of choice, both in quality-constructed clothing and in quilts. Although I prefer traditional, scrap-pieced block construction over applique or more "artsy" forms, I have used each of these. All of the quilts you see here have been made since 1996 (except the heart quilt).

Some other things that interest me:

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Hospitality
  • I love the Lord Jesus Christ
  • I have 6 great kids that I like and love
  • We homeschool and like that too (most of the time!)
  • We had some laying hens and I love to watch them. They are so easily contented! I wish I always were!
  • My husband makes the world's greatest handmade soap
  • I still occasionally paint for art's sake, mostly on the walls in my house

  • An Award I won!

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