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THE SOUNDS OF BILL MILLER GHOSTDANCE 1.Prelude (The Sun Is Gonna Rise Again) 2.Every Mountain I Climb 3.THE Reason, 4.Ghostdance 5.Forgive 6.The Vision, 7.There Is You 8.THE Last Stand, 9.Blessing Wind 10.Waiting For The Rain 11.The Sun Is Gonna Rise,


1.Dreams Of Wounded Knee 2.Praises 3.Two Hawks 4.Reservation Road 5.Tumbleweed 6.Faith Of A Child 7.Many Trails 8.Trail Of Freedom 9.Inter-Tribal Pow Wow Song 10.Kokopelli's Journey 11.My People


1.river of time 2.Brave Heart 3.In Every Corner Of The Forest, Part 1 4.Listen To Me 5.Red Bird, Yellow Sun 6.After The Storm 7.Raven In The Snow 8.Pile Of Stones 9.In Every Corner Of The Forest, Part 2 10.The Final Word, 11.Eagle Must Fly Free 12.This Kind Of Love 13.In Every Corner Of The Forest, Part 3