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Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Added the following:

28 July.

Pic of a Tidgewell Web Saw Frame.

July 27.

Pix of Richardsons' Carpenters' Sliding Rule.

Pix of Hubbard Hardware Co. Carpenters' Sliding Rule.

New Info on Carter & Co.

July 19.

Picture of Cutaway Harrow Building

Pictures of rule mde by Carter & Co.

Info on W & B Douglas.

11 July.

 New Maker, Mark Mildrum & Co.

1 July.

New link for N. C. Stiles.

29 May

Added pic of Gaston Hubbard to C. C. Hubbard

5 Jan.

Newspaper AD for Ezra L'Hommedieu.


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