Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut

The information in the following pages is about tool makers in Middletown, Connecticut during the 1800's and 1 from 1925. Also, I've provided a separate page that lists the references that I used and a links page to other tool related sites.   Please look them over and if you have any information to add or comments please email them to me. Each maker has a separate page. It has a picture of one of their products,  if available, tools made, years of operation, owners names, location if  known  etc. Makers with an (*) have at least one picture.

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Allison, William P. (*)

Allison, J. D. (*)

Arnold, James H. Co. (*) Arrowmammett Works (*) Baldwin Tool Co  (*) Barnes & Johnson
Beaumont, Joseph Bill, John Bonfoey & Work Burrows & Hubbard Carter, Benjamin (*)
Chamberlain, Lewis & Co Clark, Joseph Closson, N. H. (*) Cooley & Co. Coulman E. J.
Crouch, T. C. & Co.  (*) Davenport, John (*) Donohoe Brothers Doud, Daniel Douglas, W & B
Ferree & Hayden (*) Flagg, W. F.

Flagg & Bonnell

Globe Mfg. Co  (*) Grover &Young (*) Grover, Oliver F. (*)
Hall Brothers Hannan, J. (*) Hayden, Randolph (*) Hotchkiss & Smith Hotchkiss Mfg. Co.

Hotchkiss Hardware Co. (*)

Hough, Isaac J (*) Hubbard & Brothers Hubbard & Curtiss Mfg. Co  (*) Hubbard HDW Co  (*) Hubbard, C & F (*)
Hubbard C.C.  (*) Kelsey, George R. Libby & Jordan Middlesex Mfg. Co  (*) Middletown Tool Co  (*)
Nelson & Hubbard  (*) Nelson, Merrick (*) Noble, William M. (*) Penfield, Ira K. (*) Richardson, Asa (*)
Russell, W (*) Sanseer  Mfg. Co. Savage & Carter Savage & Smith   (*) Savage, Seth (*)
Smith, James O. Spencer, William D. (*) Star Tool Co  (*) Starr Mfg. Co  (*) Stevens J. & E. & Co.
Stiles & Parker Press (*) Stiles & Pollard Stiles, Norman C. (*) Stone & Murphy (*) Stroud, William
Tewksbury & Tuttle Tidgewell & Co  (*)

Tidgewell & Son

Vansands, S. D. Victor Sewing Machine Co    (*) The Warner Family (*)
Warwick Tool Co  (*) Wetherell, Henry (*) Wilcox-Crittenden (*) Middletown Patents Middlesex County Patents
Connecticut State Historical Society Middlesex County Historical Societies From Other Countries and Places Tool Makers of Middlesex County References
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