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1970 to 1971 E-Body Registry

1971 Dodge Challenger - Photo Courtesy of Derek's 1971 'Cuda Page

To register your car, e-mail or write to me. You need to send me your fender tag, a COPY of your build sheet or COPYS any other documentation that you have on your car. Do not send me the originals, unless you find a build sheet or something else in your E-Body that doesn't match your car. If you find somehting like that, send it to me and I will try and find the owner of that car. Also, if you have any history on your car I would like to know. Since I have just started this registry, I am gathering information from various sources, including from the registrys I have previously mentioned. For right now, I am just registering 1970 to 1971 E-Body's, but I might expand in the near future if the demand is there. I will decode your fender tag if you would send in a donation to the registry. For this donation, you will also recieve a breakdown of the options that your car has compared to what I have in the registry. I want to stress this point that donations are OPTIONAL, not required, but you will recieve what I stated above for a donation. I am not, as of yet, going to start up a business of any kind, but these donations will go to covering up the costs of the registry. These include my time, mailing costs, and eventually I would like to start up an annual E-Body registry meet in the Seattle area. So if you write a check, make it out to Gary Hergert. Remember, this can only work if you participate! Even if you see a car at the grocery store, write down the VIN, send it to me, and give me a brief description. Anything helps! Send all registry related material to the email below, not to my e-mail on the main page. Thank you very much!

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Write to me at:

Gary Hergert

c/o E-Body registry

16231 194th Ave NE

Woodinville, WA 98072

Or call me at (425) 788-3209 and ask for Gary