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Phish consists of 4 members:

The quartet lives in Vermont, where it all started just over 15 years ago at UVM. The boys met in college and after Trey, Jon, and Mike traded in a second guitarist for the Chairman of the Boards, Phish was born. With their quirky lyrics and long jams, an overnight sensation they were not; the boys worked in small clubs and toured rigorously for many years without much notice beyond distinct groups that became drawn to the band for their musical virtuousity. Well, to make a long story short, the group's popularity grew slowly but steadily until the mid 1990s before they gained relatively widespread recognition. Some attribute it to the death of Jerry Garcia or the release of Hoist, but none of it could not have been possible without the talent behind the music.

What separates Phish from the rest? The answer, like most things, is complex.