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Jim's Tapelist
Grateful Dead
Jim's Tapelist

Welcome to my tapelist!  I have recently changed it up and have been playing with some conceptual ideas to see what fits best and how.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated on the page -- or the music for that matter!

Jim Burke

7D Hudson View Dr

Beacon, NY


The Drill:

There are no grades on my tapes for various reasons, but mostly because I think grades are not the best way to judge a tape.  Not to fret, though, since I listen to every tape before I decide to trade it, even if I have listened to it a hundred times before.

    Some general rules
  1. I use Maxell xlIIs and xlII-s tapes only
  2. no dolby
  3. no autoreverse
  4. two decks pref'd
  5. packages sent first class
  6. no cases or j-cards with them
  7. newbie friendly

ISO any Phish (97-99), Miles Davis, John Coltrane, MMW, John Zorn, Bob Marley, SCI, etc.

Last updated on 29 November, 1999.
Jim Burke -