Dragon Kingdom has finally moved to its new location! Go here for the new Dragon Kingdom. You must rejoin, and for every old character you rejoin with, you must join with a new one. If you join with an old character, you may keep one animal, one mystic, and one weopon that your character owned, and no more, and you restart with the starting money. The maximum number of characters an old member can rejoin with is four; new members join with two as normal. You MUST read the rules and info before joining, there is lots and lots of new stuff. Old characters get new powers and choose new occuaptions. If you played a god or goddess, you no longer play them...if you still wish to play a god or goddess, go to the rules and info page and click on gods, and submit an entry to play one once again. Have fun,a nd I hope you like it! :) Enter!
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