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KK7CN Photo Page Of The Pilot Hill Repeater Site

Pilot Hill, Wyoming Is home to the KK7CN-8 APRS digipeater and the SHYWY Amateur Radio Club 146.820 Repeater.Pilot Hill is located between Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming and it is the highest point on interstate 80 between San Francisco and New York. This mountain has an elevation of close to 9.000 feet above sea level. When these pictures were taking on 2-24-2001 the temp was 03 degrees with a wind chill of -41 below zero and there are snow drifts as high as 8 feet with a average snowpack of 3 feet at the site in the non drifted areas.the name Pilot Hill was given to this mountain in the 1930's due to location and it is a excellent navigation for Aircraft. The 1940's Aircraft used this hill for navigation there was several buildings installed up there and at night there were lighted navigation aids to guide aircraft over the mountains. Todays Pilot Hill has changed and all that remain up there are landmarks of what was once an excellent navigation system. APRS has now adopted this site to provide navigation information to a radius of over 130 miles. This area is closed to vehicles in the winter due to the climate only ATV, Snowmobiles, Skiers and hikers can gain access. Other nearby mountains are to the SE is Sherman Hill 8.869 feet Elv and Beacon Hill 8.995 feet Elv to the NW

The KK7CN-8 digipeater is running a ADI-147 2 meter Radio at 65 watts out to a Mirage 330a 20 dB Rx Preamplifier to a Hustler 17.8 dB gain 15.9 feet length vertical at 90 feet all powered by a Pyramid 25 amp Power Supply. A real powerhouse that is clean running with no interference to adjacent services. KK7CN-8 digi is a realworld navigation aid to land mobile users and aircraft services.Look for more photos soon enjoy 73 Randy KK7CN.

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