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Hunter’s World
"Jessica and the Pegasus were light years away when the first fragments of the Veethra began to burn up in Twano's atmosphere. It provided a magnificent lightshow to the natives, who took it as a favorable sign. They couldn't have been more wrong."

"I came to get you away from here... You choose our destination. Set it for any place in the past or the future that you want to go to, and we'll step through it."

In a post-apocalyptic future after humans have been decimated by aliens, an odd assortment of survivors seek a device that may bring peace or final destruction when it is found.
"The extraterrestrial, the mutant, and the tiger walked quickly back to the dugout, looking every direction for flaggers. Those pirates roamed the great basin on motorcycles and dune buggies, looking for lone travelers to loot so that their valuables could be sold to survivors in Old Los Angeles and the mountains."

"The Unified Galactic Imperium had never, since the war that brought it into power, lost a battle. Now they had been defeated by primitive aliens without even the technology for hyperspace travel."

Sol Colony Alliance
"In 2215, six years after humanity was attacked by the brutal Rulvalar, the battered but victorious survivors formed the Sol Colonial Alliance. Made up of the six major colonies ( Venus Orbital, Mars, Luna, Phobos, Jupiter Conglomerate, and Outland Neptune.) along with Earth, its job was to govern and protect the Sol system and expand mankind's territory."

"For whatever reason, every freshly dead human on the face of the Earth "awoke", and they were very, very hungry."

Zombies, Aliens, and Clones, Oh My!
"Blossoms of fire unfolded across a gnarled, battle-scarred terrain, silhouetting two figures running to escape the destruction flying all around them."

From the Horse's Mouth
(X-Files/Millenium crossover)
"Frank Black looked at the pool of red beneath him. It looked like blood, but the smell was nowhere close. He crunched down and looked more closely, intensly staring at the pool. Flashes of horses, knives, and chains came flowing at him."

"Every human baby is now implanted with a tiny computer, which works with and enhances the child's brain... With the invention of brain implanted computers came the new communication medium known as the Mindnet... With this huge breakthrough came tremendous danger, when the first "brain virus" was discovered on the Mindnet."

Devil's Crusade
(Star Trek setting)
"He now had several hundred molecules of the most powerful substance in the known universe. He could do anything he wanted with it. He had however, made up his mind years ago when he began his quest. Now the time had come for him to single-handedly make the Andorians the most powerful race in the Galaxy."

(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
"Picard hesitated, looking concerned... 'Guinan, if any other civilian on board asked this, I would refuse without a second thought... You may go, but I will insist that Worf come with you to ensure your safety. He will be in a cloaked suit, so no one else will know he is there. Remember, absolutely no native is to learn how you arrived here, including this 'special someone' you wish to see'."

Suicide Mission
(Star Trek: The Original Series)
"What?" exclaimed Kirk. "Didn't Starfleet's message make it clear? This asteroid will collide with Anaran 4 within a week."
"I know," answered Egnarts. "I plan to be on the asteroid when it hits the planet."

(The X-Files)
"Dustin cried out and fell to his knees. Blood gushed from his nose. Kelly ran to her house. She was not sure what was happening, but somehow she had known something would. And somehow she knew Dustin would soon be dead."