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Truong Vo Ky

Truong Vo Ky is the son of Han To To and Truong Thuy Son. His mother is very pretty, smart and a quick thinker, his father is loyal, dedicated and very caring, both of the are very good at martial arts. They were on an island with a blind Ta Ton, and Truong Vo Ky (named after his God father's dead child) was born. They lived on the island and one day, Han To To and Truong Tuyet Son wanted to go back to the main land. Ta Ton didn't want to go with them so they were forced to go. He witnessed both his parents death. He grew up to be a very friendsly person, very quiet and thoughtful. He later became the Giao Chu Minh Giao...he was supposed to fight against the Mongolians...but he fell in love with The mongolian Princess Trieu Minh. Although he had many (I mean many!) girls that loved him he stayed true to his one and only Trieu Minh "cong Chua".

Truong Vo Ky


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