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Love Prevails Death

At the end of my bed, she stands, darker than the shadows
Moonlight pulling her innocent face from the darkness behind
What secrets hide behind that childlike face; carved like a mask
For all eternity in a minute passing, our eyes locked in a stare
Deep within my chest, my heart beats in rhythm like a thousand
While all the while her eyes stare cold, sparkling like set
She has me totally under her control; a hunger for lust burns
within me

Meanwhile her white silken gown, flutters in the cool night
From whence my entranced eyes break from hers, to admire her body
Her breasts, partially visible behind the translucent silk of her
Her smooth, soft skin the look of satin; white as fresh fallen
My mind, a torrent sea of emotions; shallow fear yet I'm
strangely calm

She walks toward me, her beauty becoming more apparent upon each
But who is this mysterious angelic stranger who graces my
presence thus
Her hand runs down my face; I try to speak but her finger
silences my words
"Hush, speak only with your heart", the words fall from her
mouth, in whispered tones
Her touch feels cold as stone, as her arms wind round my body,
like entwining ivy
Her fingers sensuously run through my long hair; she stares into
my eyes once again
Looking deep within, to my mind and soul; her lips pout and
glisten in the moonlight
Oh how I want to kiss them passionately as my hands explore her
body of sheer perfection
She stands up before me; her gown drops to the floor to fall at
her feet; her lips form a smile
My pulse racing ever faster, my blood rushes round my veins like
ten thousand wild horses

Our bodies embrace like entwined ivy, in each others loving arms;
the pure naked innocence
If this incredible passion could last forever, I would never look
back beyond this night
Her moist luscious lips press firmly against mine, as I run my
hands up and down her back
Her tongue runs over my cheek and down my neck, when I feel a
sudden bolt of piercing pain
My body fills with a gradual weakening feeling, my strength
waning as she sucks from my neck

I fall back toward my bed, barely able to move; I look to her and
see blood drip from her mouth
Her eyes glow with an iridescent electric blue like the full moon
in the black satin night sky
She licks the blood lusciously from her crimson lips; her teeth
long as canines from a dog's mouth
It rapidly becomes apparent that this angelic vision that stood
before me in the darkness of my room
Is nothing more than an animal of the night; a predatory vampire
with an insatiable hunger for blood

Fear courses through my body for my own mortality; death seems
only a matter of footsteps away
This creature before me, still so beautiful in her human form,
yet now adorned with a demon face
She looks at me with a calming smile; let fall these words I
speak to you listen and you will learn
"You are now a vampire like myself; a demon creature of this
eternal night, you shall live forever"
Her first intention was to kill and leave my blood-drained corpse
behind, but her love for me prevailed.

Copyright 1999 by Peter Turner

Lonely in Sanity

Oh madness within you I find freedom
Escaping this cruel and uncaring world
Within my mind I am but a child playing
Incoherent utterances form in my mind

My lipless mouth, employed for merely expressing my thoughts
My silent scream of fear is lost amidst all this blind darkness
I will escape to that sacred place where insanity breathes
Far away from the anguish of this devils paradise

So stare at the black realm beyond my coal black eyes
Set deep like footprints in snow on my deathly white face
Place your head close to my chest and listen to the emptiness
At the faint beat of my heart where love did once reside

My emotions, cold and bleak as this long dark wintry night
A tear falls down my bone white cheek then simply drifts away
Alone with my loneliness like a dead tree on a barren land
Like morning mist, cigarette smoke drifts up through my hand

Walking through the night under the moon that watches me from
I search this featureless landscape for eternity for my one true
I stop and stand motionless for awhile like a statue frozen in
As my long ebony black hair wraps round my face like an old frame
Through desperation -&- despair my hunt for salvation will never

Copyright 1999 by Peter Turner