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Thunder in an Empty Shell

Whiskey tears sting my eyes and stain my cheeks
I see your ghost roll away on down deserted tracks
Changed my mind in bittering distress too late to see
What tired, thinning blood I feel pulsing through me
Watch train clouds roll in with thundering intentions
Warnings ushered in by their ever blowing whistles
I stand under behemouth's fury from angered skies
Drank you into my soul, now I can't bleed you free
The rain speaks your name as torrents pelt the ground
Muddied reflections are vague reminders of yesterday
Casted stones in water ripple and distort memories
Screaming with lightning fire upon my fingertips
Where have you gone to leave these images in me?
Can you be home in the petulent rage of the clouds?
Can you be home in the overflooding river banks?
I rake at these alcohol reeking eyes burning my brain
Tearing at them in desperation to offer them for you
Staring into life sucking holes they speak your name
Your ghost then returns with sweet wind behind it's tail
And I take you back without peering through the mirage
Just another memory in the fog of this wretched mind
I drop my eyes down to the level of my raining pain
In my misery, thunder rolls about an empty shell

Copyright 1999 by Greg Lawson

The First Time

It seemed so instant, so instinctive, hard to beleive
So very often my frigid senses have done nothing but deceive
I wish I could understand what you possessed that my mind can't let go
Something intangible and inexpressable in your glow
The first time I saw you, life rushed back in
Since love had abandoned me, I floated aimlessly of despairing sin
Perhaps, it were your lips, your eyes, or even your hair
Yet without any effort in your infinite beauty you did me ensnare

Copyright 1999 by Greg Lawson