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All The Time

When I think of you
I think of three of women--
All of them you
But in different life-times,
Remember Paris -&- all that writing
-&- making love during holidays.

Remember Scotland -&- its winters
Cold as hell, us keeping warm
The best way possible, those
Tartan plaids coming off so easily.

And remember that time
In Florence, the wine
-&- pasta, an appetizer
To what we wanted.

I think of you all the time--
All of you, all the time.

Copyright 1999 by Clarity

The Wait of An Answer

I have collected
The thoughts that
You scattered
When I was small--
And it adds up
To your insecurity.

You ran off
When you knew
I was putting
The pieces together again,
And was coming
To the question.

I have collected
The questions--
They come like mittens
Snapped together
With the answers

What you hid from me
Is still tucked
Behind your back,
The weight of it
Is why
You're now bowing to the ground.

Copyright 1999 by Clarity