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Anything not listed is a want. If you have any Scout association or national strip not listed here, please contact me to set up a trade. Thanks!

Last updated: February 1, 1997
CountryStrip Description
ArgentinaArgentina (flag left)
Argentina (flag left, fdl right)
Scouts de Argentina (flag left, med blue)
Scouts de Argentina (flag left, lt blue)
Union Scouts Catolicos Argentinos (lbl)
Union Scouts Catolicos Argentinos (dbl)
Scouts (fdl in "O")
AustraliaAustralia (orange on dk grn)
AustriaAustria (46mm woven)
Austria (53mm woven)
Austria (76mm woven)
Austria (embroidered)
BangladeshBangladesh (arcs in English & Bengali)
Belgiumblk/yel/red strip
Belgie (42mm)
Belgie (w/EU flag)
Belgique (62mm)
Belgique (56mm)
Belgique (39mm)
BeninScoutisme Beninois
BoliviaScouts de Bolivia (wht on blk felt)
Scouts de Bolivia (woven)
BrazilBrasil (flag left, 89mm)
BruneiBrunei Darussalam
BulgariaBulgaria (wht/grn/red)
BurundiScouts du Burundi (grn lttrs, bound)
Scouts du Burundi (red lttrs, bound)
Cambodiayel characters on dk blue arc
CanadaBoy Scouts - Canada
Guides et Scouts du Québec
Scouts-Canada (yel on dk grn)
Scouts-Canada (yel/dgr w/flag)
Scouts-Canada (maroon on grey)
Scouts-Canada (mar/grey w/flag)
Scouts Canada (blk on wht, silkscreen)
Scouts Catholiques - Canada
Scouts du Canada
Central African RepublicFESCA
Scouts Catholiques Centrafricains
ChadScouts Catholiques du Tchad
ChileScouts de Chile
Guias y Scouts Chile (flag left)
ColombiaScouts de Colombia (woven)
Scouts de Colombia (embroidered)
ComorosSkut ya Komoro
CongoCongo (red on cream)
CroatiaSavez Izvidaca Hrvatske
CubaScouts de Cuba
DenmarkDanmark (no flag)
Danmark (flag left, 40mm)
Danmark (flag left, 50mm)
Danmark (flags left & right)
DominicaRep. Dominicana
Dominican RepublicScouts Dominicanos
EcuadorScouts del Ecuador
El SalvadorScouts de El Salvador
Scouts de El Salvador (bright grn border)
EstoniaEetser-Estonian Scout (unbound)
Eesti Skautlus (flags left & right)
Færoe IslandsFøroyar (flags left & right)
FinlandFinlands Scoutunion (grn on dbl)
Finlands Scoutunion (blu on olive)
Suomen Partiolaiset
Suomen Partiolaiset Finlands Scouter
Suomen Partiopoikajarjesto (grn/dbl)
Suomen Partiopoikajarjesto (blu/olive)
Suomi Finland (flag left, lt blue)
Suomi Finland (flag left, dkblue)
Franceblue/wht/red strip (Scouts d'Europe)
blu/wht/red strip w/cross & heart
Eclaireurs Neutres de France
Europa Scouts
France (red on cream)
France (blue oval outline on wht felt)
Scoutisme Français
Scouts & Guides Catholiques de France
Scouts d'Europe
Scouts de France
Scouts Unitaires de France (53mm)
"Scouts Unitaires de France" (73mm)
Germanyeagle center, flags left & right
eagle left, flag right
EC flag left, German flag right
Katholische Pfadfinderschaft Europas
Pfadfinderschaft Luchs
GuatemalaGuatemala (red on yel curved strip)
Scouts de Guatemala (no flag)
Scouts de Guatemala (w/flag)
GuineaScouts de Guinee
HondurasScouts de Honduras (grn on wht)
Hong KongHong Kong (unbound)
Hong Kong (bound, vert weave)
Hong Kong (bound, horiz weave)
HungaryEuropai Cserkeszek Magyar Szovetsege
Hungaria (woven)
Hungaria (embroidered)
IcelandIsland (flag left, embroidered)
IndiaIndia (red on wht)
The Bharat Scouts & Guides (red/cream)
The Bharat Scouts & Guides (red/khaki)
IranIranian Scouting
National strip in Farsi only
Boy Scout strip on grey
Boy Scout strip w/fdl
Cub Scout strip on grey
Cub Scout strip w/fdl
Rover strip w/fdl
IrelandBanoglaigh Catoilici na h'Eireann
Gasoga Catoilici na h'Eireann
Ireland (yel on grn)
Ireland/Co Cumann Gasoga na h'Eireann
The Boy Scouts of Ireland
ItalyAssociazione Scouts E Guide D'Europa
Federscout (wht center not woven in)
Federscout (wht center woven in)
FIS (on blue)
FIS (on grn)
Italia (plain lttrs, no outline, 50x12mm)
Italia (plain lttrs, no outline, 38x23mm)
Italia (serif letters, blk outline)
Italia (rubber on grn felt)
Italia (silkscreened on white vinyl)
Italia/Federazione Italiana Dello Scautismo (woven)
San Marino
Scouts (fdl in "O", 49mm re)
Scouts (fdl in "O", 101mm ce)
Scouts San Benedetto
Scouts d'Europa
Ivory CoastScouts de Côte d'Ivoire
Japanmaroon characters on cream
yel characters on blue
blue characters on khaki
KenyaKenya Scouts (embroidered)
Kenya Scouts (woven, bound)
Kenya Scouts (woven strip, 85mm)
KoreaKorea (embroidered arc)
red characters on pink w/®
LatviaLatvija (93mm)
Latvija (138mm)
LebanonLebanon (English & Arabic)
LithuaniaLietuviu Skautu Sajunga
LuxembourgLuxembourg (81mm)
Luxembourg (92mm)
MadagaskarTily Eto Madagaskara
MalaysiaMalaysia (yel on blue arc)
MaldivesScouts of Maldives
MartiniqueScouts de Martinique
MauritaniaAssociation des Scouts et Guides de Mauritanie
MexicoMexico (grn/wht/red)
Scouts de Mexico (yel on blk, ce)
Scouts de Mexico (red on grey)
Scouts de Mexico (yel on dbl)
Scouts de Mexico (wht on pur)
Scouts Mexico
MoldoviaScoutii Moldovei
Scout Moldova
Mongoliablue characters on gold w/fdl on left
The Scout Association of Mongolia
yPAAHbAATAP (dbl on grey felt arc)
yPAAHbAATAP (woven)
Nepalred characters silkscreened on tan
Nepal Scouts (embroidered)
Nepal Scouts (woven)
NetherlandsJamboree Contingent Nederland
New ZealandNew Zealand
NicaraguaScouts de Nicaragua (embroidered)
NigerScouts du Niger
NorwayNorge (flage left & right)
PanamaScouts de Panama
ParaguayScouts del Paraguay (plastic)
Scouts del Paraguay (silkscreen)
Scouts Navales del Paraguay
PeruPeru (plastic arc)
Scouts Peruanos (red on grey)
Scouts Peruanos (red on lt blue)
Scouts del Peru (red/wht/red)
PhilippinesBoy Scouts-Philippines (grn on grn, ce)
Boy Scouts-Philippines (red & tan, embr)
Boy Scouts-Philippines (red/tan, woven)
Cub Scouts-BSP
ZHP 1918
PortugalEscoteiros de Macau (arc)
Escoteiros de Macau (strip)
Escoteiros de Portugal
RomaniaCercetasii Romaniei
Scouts Romania
RussiaCKAYTbI POCCNN (woven)
CKAYTbI POCCNN (printed)
SenegalEclaireurs du Sénégal
Scouts du Senegal
SingaporeSingapore Scouts
South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA-SUID AFRIKA (grn on khaki)
South Africa Suid Afrika (grn on cream)
ASDE Scouts de Catalunya (red/pink)
ASDE Scouts de Catalunya (red/grey)
Andalucia - A.S.A. - Servicio
Escoltisme Catala
Mov. Escolta de Valencia/M.S.C.
Scouts de Andalucia
Scouts de España
Scouts de Europa
Scouts-MSC (blk on wht, woven)
Scouts-MSC (blu on wht, embr)
Scouts MSC-España
SurinameBoy Scouts Van Suriname
SwedenSverige (on blue, woven)
Sverige (on blue, embroidered)
Sverige (on grn, embroidered)
Taiwan (ROC)wht characters on blue
TanzaniaTanzania Scouts (screened)
Tanzania Scouts (woven)
ThailandBoy Scouts of Thailand (embr)
Boy Scouts of Thailand (woven, tan bdr)
Boy Scouts of Thailand (woven, org bdr)
TogoScouts du Togo
United NationsBoy Scouts of United Nations
United States of America(see separate list)
UruguayScouts del Uruguay (yel on ltblue)
VenezuelaScouts de Venezuela (red on tan)
Scouts de Venezuela (red on blue)
Venezuela (embroidered arc)
Viet NamHuong Dao Viet Nam (flattop A)
Huong Dao Viet Nam (pointed A)
Huong Dao Viet Nam (embr, USA)
Huong Dao Viet Nam (on felt, Italy)
Viet Nam (w/flag, Australia)
ZaireZaire (woven)

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