Downloadable Files
Video You need winzip for all the video files !!
Acceleration Burnouts Burnout Day (1MB)
Burnout Night (1MB)
65's Mustang Accelerating (1.19MB)
Some Kids in a Saleen S351 teasing people (1.19MB)
Accelerating on the highway up to 150 MPH !!!!!! (814KB) Real Format
Fast driving trough curves (300KB) Real Format
Drag racing (502KB) Real Format
Accelerating your own street (486KB) Real Format
Drag race he almost hits the wall!!! (496KB) Real Format

Spinning Burnouts A Saleen Burnout (1.27MB)
A 180* bunrout (360KB) Real Format

Just Burn It 97's Cobra burning in mud (3.9MB)
Saleen Showcar Burning Rubber!! (5.91MB)
A 99gt burnout (653KB)
A burnout by a 75s mustang (525KB) Real Format

Commercials Ford Mustang Commercial (1.09MB)

Some Mustang Soundfiles

Mach 1 sound
A 302 Boss burning rubber at his 1st 2nd and 3rd gear
A 302 Boss starting sound
A Mustang 351 sound 
A Mustang sound 
A 93 Mustang sound 
A Modified Gt sound 
A new Gt sound 
A 76 Mustang sound 
Another 76 Mustang sound 
A Boss sound 
A 67 Mustang sound

Screensaver 1 (228KB)

Screensaver 2 (477KB)

Screensaver 3

New Screensaver

Desktop Theme (880KB)