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The Quest For Life

Game Completion
Images 80%
Map 40%
-Forest 50%
-Snow Mtns ??%
-Desert ??%
-Swamps 1%
Coding 60%
-Teleport Tiles 99%
New Races 0%
New Players 0%
Mobs 50%



12/27/00 The game is looking great. I have just completed the Mage Tower, for the mages. Plus there is alot of things to discover out there, It's a 512x512 map!!! So explore it deeply. I will be working on it this whole week as i hope the others are. So it should be out soon.
12/26/00 Welcome To Dusk The Quest For Life. This game features many things. First off there are four lands. The Forest. The Snowy Mountains. The Swamps. The Desert. Each one has its own Guild. The Mages, The Warriors, The Rogues, and The Demons. Each group has there own weapons, spells, and special places and things. Tournaments will be held to decide the leader of each. There are also caves, 2+ story buildings and tons more stuff. Thats enough for. Hopefully we can get the game out by the end of this week. I dont know.
12/20/2000 Yes there is a new Dusk coming out, not Toms dusk but one with awesome graphics made by mojo, awesome mobs and an awesome god team. I'll keep you posted on updates.
The Game will start automatically. A new window will open up. The game takes approx 2 minutes to load 124 images. You can keep the screen maximized and talk to whoever is on, or shrink it down and read this page. The Dusk Coding, Game, and everything else is copyright to Tom Weingarten