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This Is MY World

Album goes gold in Wazzah!

98 recording I Do (Cherish You)

Nick and Jeff recording She's Out Of My Life

98 of the Golden Gate bridge....behind the scenes in Because Of You

98 with Rachel Leigh Cook

98 with Lenny Kravitz at Jingle Ball '99

98 backstage at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Kate Winslet

98 with Amy Grant during her Christmas Special

98 hanging out with Dru Hill

98 with Columbine Students at Summer Music Mania in Sandiego

98 with Diane Sawyer

98 with Toni Braxton

98 with Hulk Hogan...I think they could take him

98 with Kenan and kel at the Nickelodeon All That Tour

98 with Niki Taylor at MTV Spring Break

98 on the slopes with Ananda at MTV's "snowed in Meltdown to 98"

98 with janet Jackson in Hawaii

98 with Brandy at the NBA

98 with Jennifer Love Hewitt

98 with Tyra Banks

98 with Motown legent Lionel Richie

98 with Kathylee and Mr Millionaire himself

98 with Veronica Webb

98 with 'N Sync...Sar's boyz and my boyz unite as one! NEVER!

Nick and Jeff onstage at the Hardrock Cafe