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This Is MY World

New Album coming SOON!

Nick and Drew in the cockpit at Fly 2K

98 leavin' the plane with DJ Skribble at Fly 2K

98 braving subzero temperatures in Finland during the Fly 2K trip

98 sittin' on Santa's knee. Okay, well...not quite but you get the picture

98 on the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Nick, Jeff and Justin (minus Drew) at Macy's Thanxgiving Day Parade

98 on a roof top in the UK...DON'T JUMP!

98 at the Mulan premiere in Germany

98 in Toronto. Whazzah! We are Canadian!

98 in Cancun on MTV Spring Break...with Carson!

98 filming the Disney Easter Parade

98 meeting new friends in Disney World...getting a bit too close to Jasmine aren't you Jeff?

And yet another premiere for Mulan...but this time in Denmark

Nick and Justin taking a break from bowling

Nick and Drew taking in the gorge in Seattle

98 on a snowboarding trip

Justin and Jeff on Hollywood Squares

Nick and Drew on Hollywood Squares

98 shotting the video for The Hardest Thing

Nick and Drew backstage during the Heat It Up tour...I think we caught Drew by surprise

Shooting I Do (Cherish You) with Ali Landry and Wayne Isham

Shooting the video for I Do (Cherish You)

98 at a photo shoot in the UK