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They Can Be Funny Too

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Heat It Up
"I'm down, Girl let's heat it up, I'm down" Okay, I think we get're D-O-W-N

"Whenever I'm with you all my fantasies come true" I for one would like to know all about these fantasies.

"Boy lead the way to ecstacy" Hold up...BOY???!

Because Of You

"I still can feel and it's so unreal when you're touching me kisses endlessly." Okay, if you can feel then it can't be that unreal.
"Should have been right there whenever you gave me love." Okay, I'd like to know how that worked.

Do You Wanna Dance

"The way you're movin, I could get into you" No Comment!

"You're making me high" Such ashame..Stars these days...on all these drugs.

The Hardest Thing

"When my hands are tied" Dammit Jeff...Haven't I told you we have to keep our love life out of the public eye!!!?!?

Come And Get It

"Show me show me everything that you'll sacrafice to come and get it me." Duh...hooked on phonics worked for Nick!

Invisible Man

"How his kisses taste sweet like wine" Yes, my name is Nick and I'm an alchoholic.

Take My Breath Away

"If I could turn the day to night, if I had faith to walk on water" Again with the drugs???

True To Your Heart

"You'll never fall t'ill you let go" Yes, I believe it's called the forces of gravity. Call up Sir Issac Newton..he knows all about that kind of stuff.

"Don't think so much" Yeah, you don't want to hurt yourself.

If She Only Knew

"Cuz love, love is so easy to feel but the hardest thing to say." Yeah, maybe if you have a speech impedament!

Fly With Me

"And together we'll fly" With the drugs again?!?!??!


"When the world is through I will still love you" Okay, that doesn't make any sense...if the world is through then you can't love! Duh!

Give It Up

The whole song is pretty funny....I mean with the Uno Dos thing...hehehe.

To Me You're Everything

"I've been walking in these four walls tryin' to find my way out" Well there's no way out baby...MENTAL INSTITUTION!!!

Heaven's Missing An Angel

"Well I hope the man upstairs isnt' mad at me" Yeah, good idea Jeff, wouldn't want to get on his bad side...wink wink..nudge nudge.