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Back in the day....

While touring the North Pacific Islands, Professor Gary Lee, Sr. found a tribe of natives who could only communicate with music. Professor Lee brought three prime examples back to his home in Ontario, Canada to study; this was a mistake. One night while Prof. Lee and the Wife were out on the town, the three primeveal men killed his son's three-piece band, stole their equipment and went on the run. They picked up a little English during their travels and now live (incognito) in Wyoming, continually raising havoc on the local scene. I, Griswell, let them out of their Dungeon every Friday so they may vanquish local crappy musicians and play the shows. If you think you're strong enough to hear real Rock-n-Roll and watch young virgins sacrificed to Dick Dale, then you're ready for



The Custom Caravans are/were:

Shane plays guitar and hollers now and again. Shawn played gee-tar and sang at the very first gig.

Dustin plays bass. Previous bassists were Lisa, Stephanie, JW, Luke and Joey.

Pat beats the skins now. Tough Guy used to, and originally Byron did. Cooper and Kwab and Dan and another Pat have played drums for the Caravans at various shows in the past.


l-r Funk Machine, Tough Guy (squattin), MC Longhorn

(Dustin Richards, Brion Shaw, Shane Wallace)

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