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Bow Brickhill

All Saints' Church, Bow Brickhill

All Saints, the Parish Church of Bow Brickhill, known in the '30s as the Beacon Church used to be conspicuous, standing out like a castle on the hill. Now that the hill is heavily wooded, views to the south are masked, however there are spectacular vistas of the new city of Milton Keynes from the top of the tower which is opened to the public one weekend each year.

During the Napoleonic Wars the tower was used as a telegraph station and during the 1939-1945 war was used by the Royal Observer Corp.

The Church is built of sandstone rubble, in large blocks, dug from the greensand escarpement on which is stands. Before the fifteenth centre it probably consisted of an aisleless Nave and a Chancel dating from the twelfth centure. The first records of the Church refer to a transfer of the advowson in 1185.

The North and South aisles and the West tower were added in the fifteenth century when the arcades were built at the same time. 


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