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How To Write Your Own Spells

Why should I learn to write my own spells 

when I could just use someone elses?
Magick, as an occult science, is one of the most powerful methods of achieving a desired goal. However, in order for a spell to be successful, it must have individual meaning to the caster. This meaning can be achieved through other peoples pre-made spells, providing that the one who is to cast the spell understands the symbolism behind it. However, a much better way to go about achieving this understanding of the spell is to actually create it yourself. This why every person truly interested in magick should know how to make there own spells.

So how do I go about making the spell?

The first and most important thing to do when creating a new spell is to make sure that it will not cause any harm or interfere with anyone or anything's free will. If this is what you want to use a spell for, then stop right now. In magick there is what is known as the law of three. This law state that "any magickal action, good or bad, will come back to the caster three fold." Therefore not only is it moraly wrong, but it is physically dangerous to practice negitive magick.

Once you have determined that your magick is not harmful, the next thing to look at is weather or not the spell is really needed. Could you get the same effect from another course of actions? If so than you are most likly wasting precious time and energy creating a spell for it.

Okay, so what kind of spells can I cast?
Don't believe that simply because of these few restrictions that magick is useless. Far from it! Spells can still be written to obtain careers, love (not of a specific person, but to find someone right for you), psychic power, fertility, and many, many more innumerable things, just remember to abide by the rules.

Alright, I know what kind of spell I want,
 and that I can safely cast it, what now?

This is where the real stuff begins. What you must do now is determine what knid of magick your spell will be. Magick is generally classified into two groups - folk magick, and diety magick. The main difference between the two is where you draw your power from. Folk magick is magick in which you draw all the power and engergy from within to complete your task. Often, folk magick uses tools such as candles, runes, stones, and herbs, to help direct the energy better.

Diety magick on the other hand is magick in which the practioner draws his energy from a particular God or Goddess, or sometimes even several of them. Magick of this type tends to be more difficult and intricate, but is extremly more powerful. One thing to watchout for with this type of magick however, you must understand that you are working with divine forces, which means (of course) that you must honestly believe in the diety from which you call upon, and that the task for which you call upon him/her is serious. The gods are generally very busy beings, and it must seem rather rude to waste thier time because you want luck in finding a good deal on a prom dress.

So I've decided what type of magick to use, now what?

Gather tools. A tool in magick, is defined as an object used in the casting of a spell, through which, the energy needed to complete the task at hand is directed. The type of tool you use very much depends on the type of magick and type of spell you have chosen. For example, let's say you want to cast a folk magick spell to gain more money for an upcoming expense you have to pay. I this case, a good tool to use would be a green candle (green being symbolic of money) dressed in patchouli oil. However, were you trying to cast a ritual magick spell for protection, then you would need all the tools it takes to cast a circle plus an image of the God(s) you wish to invoke, and an object which you associate with protection.

Alright, my tools are gathered, now what?

Now it is time to actually write the spell. There are a couple of important things to remember during this process. The first is to bear in mind what type of magick this is. If it is a folk spell, leave the gods out of it, there is no need to write in any mention of them. If it is a religious spell, then you can't forget to cast the circle and invoke the powers you wish to use. Just as a note, invocations should never demand the presence of what ever it is you are trying to invoke, instead, you should politely ask, or "humbly request" their presence. Remember, your the human, they're the diety!

Another important thing to keep in mind is when the spell should be cast. Cast spells to gain things, or draw new situations toward you, during the waxing (new to full) phase of the moon. Cast spells to keep unwanted things away or rid yourself of unwanted problems during the waning (full to new) phase of the moon. It is customary not to preform acts of magick during the new moon. Also, spells cast during planetary retrograde (especially Mercury) or when the moon is void of course often do not work properly or at all. You should consult a Wiccan Calendar to find out when these times are. Lastly, it is obvious that the best time to invoke the Holly King is not on midsummer night's eve. So remember seasonal entities and when they should be used.

A well written spell has several important elements. The first of these is to make any preparations nescessary (i.e circle casting, offerings, carving and dressing of candles, ect.). The next element is invoking the powers (in Diety magick) or raising energy (in folk magick). Usually it is helpful for this part of the spell to rhyme, or at least have rhythm, especially in folk magick. This is because words which rhyme tend to have a more profound effect on our subconcious.

The next important part of the spell is visualization. This is the part where the actual magick is sent out. Visualization, therefore, is a very important part of any spell. When you vizualize, first "see" the energies that you have speading toward their goal. This could be in the form of a colored light shooting out from your hand and into the world. Or magickal smoke of greys, blues, oranges, reds, and greens flowing from the candle or incense you have just lit. It could be a silvery moonbeam from the goddess Diana that kisses your forehead. The truely important thing here is just to visualize it, and believe it will work. Remember, everything that you do in life is 90% mental and 10% physical. If you mentally believe that your spell will work, it will produce physical results.

Now close your eyes and imagine the final outcome of your goal. In other words, don't imagine getting the money you need for the bill that has to be paid, viualize the bill as paid. Don't see your self meeting the girl/guy of your dreams, see yourself being with them. Holding their hand and walking down the beach, kissing, happy and in love.

The spell now is complete, all that is left is to actually cast it. Congradulations, you have just created your own spell!

What are some tips I can use to make this process eaisier?

There are a couple of things you can do to make spell writing easier for your self. One thing that I highly recomend doing is masting two or three specific types of arcane lore, and incorporating them into your spells. For example, I am knowlegable in the areas of color magick, the runes, and (to some degree) gems. This makes candle magick ideal for me. Whenever I can cast a spell with candle magick, I dress a candle of the appropriate color and engrave magickal runescripts on it's sides. I then charge it for my intended goal, and when I choose to burn it, the magick is made more powerful by the runes. This is just one example, and I suggest looking through everything before making a choice on what topic you will be come a master of. Some people prefer astrology and herbs as thier choice areas of expertise. It's all up to the Witch.

Another thing that can be done to help you out, is to learn from others. I can't stress enough the value of a good book. Be an information sponge. Don't ever pass up what somebody has to say, because it could end up being a valuable tool for you in the future.

Lastly, remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, and that nobody can just jump into magick and instantly be a master of it. Practice makes perfect, so be persistant.

Sample Spell

John is a very lonely man. He has been very unsuccessful in his quest for a girlfriend . John decides that a love spell is the only way to help himself.

John knows that he can't use his spell to try and gain the affections of one individual person, so he sits down with a pen and a piece of paper and writes out exactly what kind of woman he wants. He then decides that his spell is to be a folk magick spell, because he feels it is more personal this way (although he knows that praying to the goddess Venus may help speed along the process). Next John gathers together a red candle, a piece of rose quartz, some cinnamon, a few sticks of rosemary incense, and some rose oil. He then writes out his spell. "Dress candle with rose oil Energy raising chant: More sweet than brown sugar, More gental than a dove, Such is the woman who shall be my love! (repete) Chant untill ready to charge candle with love energy. Once the candle is charged, light it and visulaize the result you want while staring into the candle's flames. Let the candle burn down, and once it has, know that the spell is complete." John casts her spell, and prays to each night there after. Three days later, he meets the exact type of woman he was looking for.(Results may not be typical) He gives thanks to the earth and to the gods for their assistance. John has just written and casted his own spell.

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