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    A.  The information contained herein concerning the Weddington                                           
Family History was taken, in part, from the Andy Simmons Weddington 
Chronicals widely distributed throughout the country.  Each of us 
owe a debt of gratitude to "Cousin Andy" for his years of effort 
to develop much of the data known today.

        The Weddington name was originally spelled "Waddington".  
It is of ancient Scotch origin; however, many of the family moved 
from Ireland and Scotland into England to escape social pressures.  
The name came from the celtic word "Wadding", meaning to join, and 
"tone or ton" which is defined as a low hill or mountain; hence 
the name signifies the joining of mountains, or more simply, 
"A Valley."

        The motto of the family, as shown on its Coat of Arms, is 
"Semper Paratum" (Always Ready).

        From these sources, we learn that the Weddington family 
came to America from England.  The exact year of their arrival we 
do not know, but it was presummed to be following the Revolutionary 
War.  Upon arriving in the New York or Boston area, they soon made 
their way down to North Carolina and found their roots in the 
valleys and hills of Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, and Rowan counties.

        So, here we find the setting for the Weddington families, 
which after arriving in America, spread out to Virginia, Tennessee, 
Kentucky, and Texas; soon to the rest of the country.  The following 
sets forth the available data of this family, some of which still 
must be certified by official records.  Requests for corrections
should be addressed to  

II. THE GENERATIONS A. The First Generation: William Weddington I. b. 1747, d. 1821, Cabarras County, NC. Married Elizabeth Simpson, dates unknown. Children: Willam Weddington Jr., John, Samuel, Robert, Elizabeth, and Frances.

B. The Second Generation. 1. William Weddington Jr., b. (abt) 1780, date of death unk. Married, wife unknown Children: William III, b. unk, d. abt 1836, Campbell County, Georgia., Elizabeth, John, Mary, Eliza, and Cynthia. 2. John Weddington, b. 1763, d. 1811, Mecklenburg County, NC Married (1st) Agnes Snell in 1787, Mecklenburg County, NC Married (2nd) Lois Boswell in 1797, Mecklenburg County, NC Married (3rd) Mary Goodman, date unk, Mecklenburg Cty, NC Children: Clark Weddington (Agnes Snell); Ruben Boswell Weddington (Lois Boswell), William Addison Weddington (Marry Goodman). 3. Samual Weddington, b. 16 May 1766, d. 31 Oct 1833 Married Elizabeth Bradshaw in 1787, Cabarras County, NC. Children: Ely Bradshaw Weddington, James C. Weddington, William C., Hanna, Cynthia, John R., Clarissa, Jane, Robert G., and Eliza B. 4. Robert Weddington, b/d Unknown Married Charity Passimore, Cabarras County, NC Children: Unknown 5. Elizabeth Weddington, b/d/Unknown. Married Thomas Marsh, abt 1790 in Cabarras County, NC Children: Unknown 6. Frances Weddington, b/d unknown (died very young) C. The Third Generation: 1. William Weddington III, b. (unk) , d. abt 1836, Campbell County, Georgia. Married Polly McLarty, daughter of Alexander McLarty on 7 Jan 1806, in Cabarrus County, NC. Both William and Polly are buried in the Watson Cemetary in Douglas County, Georgia. Children: Alexander Green Weddington, b. 30 Oct 1806, d. 2 Sept 1893, in Cabarrus County, NC. In 1825, married Hanna Polk, sister of Ezekiel Polk, 2nd cousin of the 11th President of the U.S., James K. Polk. Hanna was born in Mecklenburg County, 1 Sept 1812. Both are buried in the Watson Cemetary, Douglas County, Georgia. Malissa Jane, b. 3 June 1809, d. 19 Feb 1983, in Winston, Georgia. Married Ezekiel Polk on 11 Oct 1828. Both are buried in the Watson cemetary. Robert H., b. (unk) d. 26 April 1896, buried at Yorkville, Paulding County, Georgia. Married Clemmie Hartsfield. Betsy; b. (unk) d. (unk) married Harvey Pervine, remained in North Carolina. Burial placed unknown. Annie C., b. 15 Sept 1811, d. 8 Mar 1878, Douglas County, Georgia. Married Stephen Harvey McLarty, 1829. Both are buried in the Watson Cemetary, Campbell County, Georgia. Rachel C., b. (Unk), d. (Unk) Reported to have married a Washington Blair and went to Texas, date unknown. Sarah C., b. 1819, d. 1873. Married William G. Black in 1835 in Cabarrus County, NC. Both are buried in Watson Cemetary, Douglasville, Georgia. NOTE: In order to publish this Web Page, the additional generations will not be added at this time. Corrections and additions will be published as soon as possible.

II. Bill's Personal Line. The following provides my personal line as far as I have yet determined. 1. William Mayhew Weddington, b. 31 Dec 33, Matthews, N.C. 2. Harry Mayhew Weddington, b. 11 Nov 1902, d. 6 Nov 1980, Mecklenburg Cty., N.C. Married: Virla Inez Broome Children: William Mayhew Weddington Patricia Janet Sullivan 3. William Green Weddington, b. Oct 1862, d. Oct 1928, Mecklenburg Cty., NC Married: Martha Wilma Freeman Children: Harry M., Charles W., Rena Louise, Lucille W. 4. Johnathan Green Weddington, b.(unk), d. 5 July 1900 (No other data located) (Personal line not completed)

IV. Acknowledgments 1. Although assistance has been provided by a multitude of persons, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Mrs. Elizabeth Weddington of Concord, North Carolina, who provided me with copies of the original "Cousin Andy Weddington" Manuscript, and her extensive experience with the geneology world. 2. I also wish to thank Mrs. Ella Terry of Vacaville, California who introduced me to geneology in 1996, and has continued to provide her support and assistance. 3. I also wish to thank my Sister, Patricia W. Sullivan of Kennesaw, Georgia. Without her love and encouragement, I would not have continued this work. And, with the support of the above persons, I will continue this work until completed. 4. Request that the above data be corrected as necessary and information be submitted to my page when appropriate.

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