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Big Sexy is a pop punk, rock and roll band from Casper Wyoming. They formed in the summer of '98, originally as The Hand Me Downs. That band consisted of Travis Oliver, Chris McCoy, Kurt Klugness, and Josh Scott. The band recorded a demo at 8 Houses Down studio in Golden, CO. None of the band members own this demo tape now. When Kurt and Josh both relocated their bodies to a different part of the continent, Travis and Chris joined up with Greg Traw as their new bassist. With Greg they became a well known local band in Wyoming and the Denver area. The band then went on tour with the Homeless Wonders, from Laramie only catching a couple dates on the short tour, stopping in Laramie, Casper, and Rapid City. Soon after, Luke Whitlatch began playing bass for the band and played a show with them in Boulder, CO with The Nobodys and The Gamits. Again the band dislodged and at a party met guitarist Dustin Brandon, and to make a long story short, picked up Casey Yunko, who is actually the guitarist for The Nutsockets, who came to Big Sexy to play the bass and sing back-up vocals. By this time Big Sexy has played with Guttermouth, Pinhead Circus, The Gamits, The Lillingtons, Thirty Foot Fall, Goober Patrol, Whatever, Zoinks, The Homeless Wonders, The Nobodys, Mandingo, and many others in no particular order.

Big Sexy is ...

Chris McCoy Travis Oliver

Casey Yunko Dustin Brandon