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Final Fantasy X~Tidus

well hi agen see you made it throw this far okay.. i'd just like to say as of December 2, 2001 i'd like it to be known to my buddys Tidus is mine!...that's about it cuz i haven't go the game yet...but hopefully i'll getthe ps2 for cristmass this year!...then i'll have to buy the game...i so have no money right now.. ahily when it frst sall Tidus about a year agow or something on a poster..(this was the poster)

i asked my self why did the drsse some guy up as a final fantasy charitor? little did i know that he's all computer..."sniff" but now i lok foword to the releas of the game....thing is though...this i going tobe my first sistom..thats right i never play vidio games...exseped at usako's i'm on disk 2 of ff9 but she plays all the "hard" parts for me ...wich is anythig besides walking around...any way here ar some piche i just went out and got so enjoy!

come back later and i'll have some more!