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There's this one time at Rotary Camp where we like got lost in the woods for like 5 hours and like we saw a tree that like moved and like a banana slug that was like ontop of a leaf and like we saw a lady who was like wearing purple and like we called her purple lady.

There's this one time when Sid came back alive and like got mini. Since he was so small like no one really noticed the mininess so yeah and like he saw us and he was like"HELP ME LESLIE! HELP ME NESSA!" and we're like "we'll take you home and give you to kirsten!" So like we took him home and like made him mini Sid clothes that like took like 4 hours and like there's this other time where like Sid got wet and like we threw him in the dryer and like he stunk.. and like we gave him green underwear and like he had a shiny gold head and like we gave him to kirsten all sad like and like now he lives with barbie elf boy who's gonna die and like with the scary birdie thing with the Bon Jovi hair and like yeah.

There's this one time where Mr. Frodo was like born and like made friends with elf boy, who people call Legalos, but I call him barbie elf boy and like he and Mr. Frodo went looking for mushrooms and like I saw him and like we skipped through a bridge and we go LALALALALALALALALALALALA!!

It all started off with that one time when nessa couldn't draw a square and like had jessie eat some ketchup and where like i was to young to know all this and like kirsten said happening and like amanda turned into a geezer that made jessie also a geezer and like david ran into some poison oak and started like itching and like we lived a maddening life that concermed no one except the knights.

Remember that one time when we bought these rollerblades and like Cher came and like laughed like this KhoKhoKho and like my sexy flem is like gone... smelly.

There's this one time where like calivin wasnt on a leash and like he broke penguins and kept like pressing buttons that made nessa go away and like stole a eraser and like stuck his head in a bowl. slobber slobber slobber...

There's this one time where like Luka told you to get off the second floor and like... nooly nooly nooly...

There's this one time where like jessie and kirsten's friend that had a hello kitty bag and like had god as a copilot and like they crashed into the mountains and like she ate him.

There's this one time where like wolfwood was by and like vash was gay. it all started with the time when woolfwood screwed millie who was a man slash woman and like vash was gay cuz knives like took all the straight sexuality.


There's this one time where like Terry Bogard was like Humphery Bogard.

There's this one time where like Jessie put the phone down and i said "There's this one time...."

there was this one time where david asked me if i had scoliosisisissi and the n me and luka dragged him on the grass and like he screamed into his tape recorder "help me Mr. grasss" as we dragged him across the borel grass feild thigie

There's this one time where nuriko got naked and like he screwed a bird.

Usako says: Theres this one time where a spanish burrito at the marina hit on me and told me to go to the bathroom and like... i ran away.. and like... burritos are bad now...and like johns a taco... and like i love a bird....

There's this one time where like, i was reading the one time page and like i said "screwed" instead of screamed and like i dropped the phone and like usako has shakira hair hahahahahaha....and like i'm obsessed with snickers ice's raining...get over it. Nice to meet you bon juor!!!

There's this one time where like me and jessie were over at jessie's house and like we both ate cereal, and like milk came out of my nose...or was it my mouth...???? .....i dunno.... so like yeah we started having a laugh attack where like the laughs statred attacking us and ..and....we made the SACRED NOODLE!!!.....that chris ate. The End!

There's this one time where like i was sitting down on the floor of my living room and like i saw this black thing with my near sightedness and like i touched that black thing and it like curled in and like i stared at it and like my cousin screamed out "IT'S A WORM!" and i like screamed and ran to the sink and like washed my hands like hella times and like *shivers*..... I'm infected!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Remember that one time where like i was at girls camp and like we slept in a tent and like it was a tent of all spanish girls and Nessa was the only white girl and like yeah we went to sleep...and ..STOP! seriously stop. luka: no! no be like you were in a tent of all L~ATI~NOS!~ then do a little jig~ *does a little jig* Usako: *throws cyber volleyball at luka's head* right then damnit i forgot my story!!!!! Luka: uhh sorry i poked myself in the eye...owwwww....the end! Usako: you made my eye itchy Luka: i pet you!!! *pets usako on the head*

There's this one time where like Sid was getting lonely so we like made a mini nuriko doll and like we used drag queen's cloth that came from a drag queen store in the city and like we made a skirt and like a head and like a shirt and little ity bity shoesies for him and like we had no stuffing cuz kRiStRe is just weird like that and so we like used toilet paper and like kRiStRe didnt want us to use it all so nessa just said screw this and we started playing ink link on shockwave and like kRiStRe finished the head with a braided purple velvet thing and like safety pinned it to all sorts of places and like now its on jessies backpack.. dangling there like a gay dangly thing.. and people stare... and she is damn proud of it..

There's this one time where no one gives a damn about your ass-mar! PIGGY! WHY!! WHY PIGGY!!! WHY!!! *sniff sniff* .. piggy..

There was this one time where like we were watching VH1 videos and like Guns n Roses was on and like they were singing "welcome to the Jungle" and Luka said he looks cute...without the poofy hair and like i got scarerd cuz he looked exactly like the other girls in the video and i couldn't tell them apart and yeah.....words........tommy lee is scary and luka doesn't know how to use a remote control and i can't spell, or read for that matter....and luka sways with the music... GO LUKA GOOO!!! Luka: OK!!!!!!!!!! *sways too much, falls off chair and says gwauuuuuuuhhh and says "that's me! hey look ass-mar that's me!! no that's ME! * LOOK!

There's this one time where like jessie cant pull off the "control/V" thing.. and like THERE'S A JESSIE ON ME!!! AHHH! Usako: my feet are cold...... Luka: muahahahahahah!! BRRRRRR!!nuriko!! he's the cold!!! hahahahahahahah