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Makot's art

12/31/01 i'm just way too lazy to make thumb nail's....and i don't rail know how but since the pichers aren't too big i'm just going to leve them as is i'm sorry it will take a few seconds to downlowd...*o^ i don't have much original art any way. the rest of it can be found on vareus sears pages.

theaes are some charitor form the story i'm working on they don't realy look luike this but it's something to go off of you know. if your intrested go to the fan fic page and it will be under makoto's story's i'll try and make a link later.

right: this is Sakura (yes the name's lame..but it hasa purpus) sha's the main girl charitor.

left: as for him (yes he's a he!...and he's not gay eather!..i just can't draw guys ) well that's sean...go rad the story if you want to know about yha...