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You think you can handle it....

well come to are brand new home page (as of 11-5-01)hopefuly it will be a little more orgonized now no da so look around and please up date your favorets likeiey page thing kay?

sorry this is all prity drab right now but i'm lerning.

clik on one of the topics to find all the cool parts of the page!

Seares Page

thats basicly what it says but it's mostly just pichers not much info


this is all dune by my lereics frerk buddy usako if it's a songe and it's anime she probly knows it.

Fan Fic's


Fan art

there will not be anything here for a wiel so don;t bother any way it's just maddness....

the stuff Page!

well this is stuff what did you think it was... well go here it's insan hee hee hee hee.

well thats all for now and if you don't like the fact that i can't spell too bad ......i love being a web master tee hee........

the New page!!!Coming Soon!!!