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Merry Meet and welcome to my Realm of Magick.

Gosh~ I haven't updated this site in a really really long time.. a million apologies to all.. been busy preparing for my exams.. which are over (thank God!)

I'm back to pick up from where I've left off.. added some stuff here and changed the pages around a little. Have fun~!

ps: Check out my updated book of shadows!

This site had been built to feed your mind and spirit, and to open your heart to the unknown and the hidden.

To be a witch is a way of life and a way of thinking. It's no sunday only religion. Witches are different from each other and what you see here is my own path and my own way of life.

In order to develop your magickal eye you must find your own path. You can use my thoughts, or you may wish to create your own.

Magick to me is a very personal thing and I say so because I believe that magick dwells in each and every one of us and it is all up to us to go and tap on that endless spring of divine energy.

I myself am a Christian from birth. You may say that I never really had the chance to be exposed to any other religion but I am not upset nor do I feel at a loss cos I love God. Always have, always will. Now I realise that many of you may not approve of this. So if you choose to remain so rigid in you belief, I ask you to leave for you probably would not agree to the rest of this site.

I haven't been practicing magick for a long time. Till now, I've only practiced for about half a year and am very much of an amateur myself. However, I've always felt that I knew magick. It was always real to me, even from a little girl who loved reading stories of fairies and unicorns and what nought, to a sixteen yr old who still loves reading about magick.

Magick is a very beautiful thing once you open up to it. Don't let customs and traditions prevent you. Do away with these and let yourself experience this spring of joy.

This site would be helpful to the beginner such as myself. Learn with me as I go more and more into my studies in the craft. As for the more experienced of you, please forgive any misinterpretations for you must remember that this is my own beliefs which may work for some of you, and not for the rest of you.

I wish you the best of luck!

Tina the Troubled Teen

This is Tina the troubled teen, my adopted cyberwitch. Come back tomorrow and see what this spirited young girl with an attitude has to say to you...

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