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Warpath and Warpath97

Another game I like is called WarPath and Warpath97, it is a space Strategy game. In it you control only one ship and have to make all the planets in the game come to your Path, ether one of Peace or one of War. In Warpath Classic you have all the stuff you need already at your finger tips, you only have to get the money needed to by them. In Warpath97 you can pick the Level of tech you want to start at. You can start cold turky or at level 10 where your about maxed out and have about every thing.  You can get ether get both by click on their link  and download them or click on thier other links and see the official site for eacha nd download them there. Warpath97 is Shareware, and Guess what, Warpath Classic is now freeware. You can get the Shareware version too. So please visit the Synthetic Reality Main site and Say Thanks.


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  • Warpath97 Official Site
    Warpath97 For Win 95,98 version 1.03
    Warpath97 For Win 95,98 version 2.009Experimental Version)
    Go to The Official Warpath97 page for inforamtion on Version 2.00
    Warpath Classic Official Site
    Warpath Classic For Win 3.x, 95, and 98
    Warpath Classic For Win 3.x, 95, and 98(Shareware Version 1.0)
    Synthetic Reality Co, Mutliplayer Online game Software (Makers of Warpath, Warpath97 and more, all bow before them)
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