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Stars! is a game that I have been playing for about 2 year and it is ausome. It is a turn-based game that is like a mixture of StarTrek and Star Wars. You have Normal warp engine and Ram scope Engine (can go up to certain warp speed free). It can be play on windows 3.x or Windows 9x.

The object of the game is to conquer the Universe and kill everyone else. It can be played with Separately or in multiply where you can have up to 16 players. And you can play with a predefined race or with the Full version make your own race. Also as you go along your Scientist give you Big and Badder Weapons, ships, Scanners, Mining robots, starbases, engines, armor, and shields. But be warned this is not for everyone, it takes a lot of Strategy (or luck) and time to win this game, it is turn based and that mean that it could take you up to a week to finish it. Also While I said that you Kill everyone else, this is not always true. In the game you can have Allies and by doing this you can have muti winner in a game.

This Pic is my favorite Stars! race pic. The race pics help you tell you ship from other players ship and is the sign of your race. Below the Pic Below are Stars! Related things.

Sample Races Races File and Descriptions. A work in progress

Down Below is a link that will take you to The Official Stars! Web Site where you can get the demo version of Stars! or you can click down below and download it. Personal I'd go to the Stars Web site, it is better then this page. It has pics, links, and tells you in more details about the game. Later on I'll get some pic but their hard to come by. Below also is a list of Minimal System Requirements that needed to play Stars!.
What You need to Play Demo and Full 
  • Windows 3.x or Windows 9x
  • 386 or better
  • 4 mb ram or better
  • 2 mb of Hard Drive space
  • 2x cd-rom drive or better
  • Compatible sound card
  • Mouse
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