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Setting: Mars
Mission: Total destruction of the enemy

Dark Colony is a real time strategy game published by SSI where you play as
human or Greys. The objective is to Destroy the enemy and clear Mars of
of them. You have the options to pay as a Campaigns, Muti-player or Singly Wars. It has a easy to use interface, Cool Sound, and Visual effects. You can find  Artifacts on most maps, dig them  up, and use them to smash your enemy(s)) to a pulp. You can get the demo from many places on the net but it is 40 megs and will take a while to downloaded. Below I have Pictures and Description of the units used in the game and below that I have links to Other Dark Colony Sites on the net. But just Below this I have the Link to My
Dark Colony Stuff page, it has Info on Multiplayer games, Cheat Codes and other stuff.

StarTrek Man's DC stuff page

Human Weapons and units:
Human:                                                                        Purpose:
Exploiter                                                                      Mines Petra-7

Trooper                                                                       Infantry or Soldiers

Reaper                                                                         Infantry support

S.A.R.G.E.                                                                  Long Range Sniper

Barrager                                                                      Mortars: Cannon like weapons

Medi-Craft                                                                  Healers

Sentinel                                                                       3-charge mines

Osprey IV                                                                  Air Reconnaissance Scouts

FireStorm                                                                   Mobile missile turret -Unable to be moved
                                                                                  after deployment
Angel One                                                                  Dropships

Exo-Center                                                                 Turns Petra-7 sent to it by Miners into
                                                                                   energy , Builds Exploiters
Barracks                                                                     Trains/cloning of Soldiers and and builds
Science Lab                                                                Development of existing technology
Research Center                                                          Builds S.A.R.G.E. and healers
Robot Factory                                                             Builds Reaper, Barrager, FireStorm

Taar Weapons and units:
Grey:                                                                         Purpose:
Brozaar                                                                     Mines Petra-7

Taar Infantry                                                              Infantry or Soldiers

Sy Demon                                                                 Infantry support

Gorrem                                                                     Long Range Sniper

Atril                                                                          Mortars: Cannon like weapons

Zisp                                                                          Healers

Slom                                                                         3-charge mines

Ortu                                                                         Air Reconnaissance Scouts

Xeno-Wort                                                              Mobile missile turret -Unable
                                                                                to be moved after deployment

Flying Saucers                                                          Dropships

Mind Hive                                                               Turns Petra-7 sent to it by Miners into
                                                                               energy , Builds brozaar
Warrior Fold                                                           Trains/cloning of Soldiers and and builds
Breeder Pod                                                            Development of existing technology
Neural Hive                                                             Builds Gorrem, and healers
Genetics Sac                                                            Builds Sy Demon, Atril, Xeno-Wort

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