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StarTrek Mans Pc Games Page
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Last Modified 6/2/02

JUst a little Update. Fixed the links in my last update so they'll work now. Moved my website to startrekman.tripod,com.
also if you been soming here for a while and have never found the plugin I use for the music at the very botton well here it is.

Plug in In zip file from here
Official Site
The Official site has the plug-in for download threw their produces page for free as well as a free play for .xm and other files types if you want to lisen to them while off-line.

Last Modified 9/19/01

Sorry for so long no updates but i've been busy. I'll most likely be updating this page in teh next month or so. Mostly new colors and background it's easyer to view. Also most likly the Quake, Warcraft, Warcraft 2, and Doom pages I was thinking about.  Here's the news for all my pages:

Fortunecity: Curretly My Total Annihilation Shadow Outpost and Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Shadow Outpost sites are at Fortune City.

AngleFire: My StarTrek Mans Pc Games Page and My StarDruid's Stars! and Stars! SuperNova Gensis page are at angelfire.

Geocities: My Star Pastures page is at Geocities. Star Pastures is my Art, Music, and more page.

My own Server: This is my latest work and Has sevrel Sites on it.

Lain: Deeply Wired My site about Lain form the Anime Serial Experiments: Lain 
Beauty Personified: Relena Peacecraft My stie on Relena PeaceCraft from the Anime Gundam Wing
Shadow Continuum's Wired Outpost  The central site for all my sites on my server.

Last Modified 8/1/00

Well all My Total Annihilation page at Fortune city is up. I've decide to move my Dark Colony page to my geocities page. It's on it's way. So in the end this place will realy only have a Warpath page here. That until I get a Quake, Warcraft, Warcraft 2, and Doom page up. I know there older game but I still play them all.
Well later all

Last Modified 4/2/00

Well all I have just got another 5 megs of online space for My page's here. I'm still working on my TA (Total Annihilation) web page on it's new sever but as soon as I finish with it I'll be changing my DC (Dark Colony) to a complete framed page. Sorry about not having it in the old non-frames way but it's harder to change and update in that way. Also I will load quick in frames. Also everyone, my Stars! page here will soon be changing. I have a new site over at Tripod so this one will soon be going over there.  The Link to it will soon lead to my Tripod one. That mean More room for my DC page.  I'll have better pics for it and downloads like the Dark Colony Map editor and possible more maps.
Well later all.

Last Modified 2/26/00

Okay all, guess what? My pages, all of them, are getting major overhauls. I've opened the old shipyard and am take each in one at a time a updating them. My Total Annihilation page now has Frames and Non-frames Versions. Soon all My Page will have two versions. This page will stay as it is but all the other will have their own Frame set. It's easier this way. I will be Working on my Dark Colony page Next. It will have Better Pic, ones from the The Encyclopedia that came with it and some from other place, Maps that people have made plus maps I made, and other files, Like the Dark colony Map editor. Well later all. Oh and here a sample Pic for what the New DarkColony Pics are going to be like. My Favorite unit next to the Reaper, the Sy Demon. Oh hex here a Reaper too.

Last Modified 12/15/98

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Bridge Of The Phoenix, My flag ship of My fleet. If anyone here has talked to me before
Then you might know that my fleet has every type of ship in existents in it, form every Universe, Dimension, or whatever (far
fetched isn't it it?)

This Page is just the central Hub or Main page for my Pc Game Pages. Right now I only have 4 Different Game Info a review pages but i will have more at a future time. My Total Annihilation page its Now up, It only has the Main page and a cheat page. I'm working on the unit page so it's link will not work. IT will be up soon.

Oh and Anyone who has a Dark Colony, Stars!, Warpath, or Total Annihilation Page send me it's title and Location by e-mail or the boardroom that listed down below and I'll put a link for it on my page, I plan to make a page for just that soon. Also any Friends of mine who are reading this and have a page on thing other then Dark Colony, Stars!, Or/and Warpath I'll still put a link on on my page to it if you want, I plan to have a page of link for just friends of mine too. This site will also be change.

Survival supplies for chat rooms
  •     Overcoat
  •     Q-Flux Phaser Cannon
  •     Other Personal Weapons
  •     Romulan Ale
  •     Money or it's equivalent
  •     Fighter Craft

My Art and Music Page
My tripod Page, Still under construction
Links to My Friend's sites
List of link for site on Games Reviewed on this site
The Official Stars! Web Site
Warpath - Mutiplayer Space Conquest Game
The Official Site Dark Colony
Download site for WinZip
Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages

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