The Heart of a Warrioress

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I'm simply Si,' an Imaji-Shi'aarae, caught between two worlds of desire and duty. I wander through out the realms in search of that which eludes me. Always roaming, without course through the ravages of time and space where ever the cosmic winds might take me for I'm restless.

I have heard the Children whisper of the wonders of immortality and wishing for it in secret. I, a divine entity, do not envy their fragile existence. Immortality is a curse and the weight of years blurs in an instance where boredom eventually sets in. This is the main reason why I roam without course in the tides of time itself.

Until recently, I have been stilled long enough to find love. I have found love in the most unlikiest of creatures. A high supernatural creature who calls himself, (Louis) Donatien Alphonse Franqouis de Sade, the Marquis de Sade. He is a supernatural, a demonic vampire. However, under the norms of my people supernaturals are considere mortal creatures or the children of a lesser god, demigods. Among Imajians there are only the True Eternal or Immortals, the divine, and the mortal Children. Among the mortal children are many different species supernaturals, normal mortals, and haflings. They are all mortal for in the end they meet final demise at the hands of death.

Oddly, enough, a mortal creature captivated my heart. He is my love and devotion. Louis has managed the impossible in that he has stilled my restless self. To him I have vowed my body and soul alone as he has professed his love to me. He is reserved for my love and touch alone as I'm reserved for him alone. He is my soul spouse.

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Timeless by both supernatural and mortal standards, I have with stood the changes and ravages brought on by time and by my constant travel among the many planes of existance. If asked my age, I say that I'm only 6,500 years of age, but this is far from the truth. For I have stopped counting. Immortality is a curse more then a gift as one sees lovers, family, and friends fade away like wind blown sand across the dunes of time. This is my burden as a young goddess in avatar form.

I'm the Daughter of the House of Tomorrow. An Heiress to an empire, with the sworn duty above all else to restore the glory that was the Shi'aarae bloodline. To restore, it's various bloodlines, history, customs, culture, and deities. Some say that with in the City of Ancients, lays the key to my quest. Once, I find this city, forgotten by time, I will be closer to reunifying the three realms of magiks. This will restore the balance, and I will be a step closer to full Ascension, taking my mother's place as both Elder Goddess and Empress.

I'm a winged creature; however,I rarely reveal my raven caliginous tinted plumage. Personal preference dictates that I keep them hidden in the magical ethereal matter that covers the realms. Only those with the third inner eye, can detect this form of matter.

I'm a creature of pure sensuality as are all Shi'aarae, whether true born or those that have gone through the rebirth process. You will find my toned lithe silhouette encased in the most exquisite delicate wraith fabrics of diaphanous silks or lace, mostly what I wear at court.

My more traditional wear consists of leathers. For we live in dangerous times and a lady can not depend on her body guards or guardians to always be present to rescue her. A true lady knows the art of self defense and fighting with arms.

Molded black leather armour accentuates my voluptuous form. Thigh-high black leather boots with thick soles grace my feet. Putting these on is an ordeal as they require to be laced up the sides tightly. My long wild silk rich deep scarlet-silver tinted tresses are always kept in a fashionable tight French braid to prevent accidents during combat. A rich black ankle length leather duster keeps the elements at bay. Two silver serpent poignards grace each of my leather clad thighs. The Nodic poignard rests hidden between the space where thigh meets my boots' hem. If I take my whip, it rests coiled like snake waiting to strike against my small waistline. I don't normally carry my blades, but one never knows what toys I might carry on any given eve. The Ashikos are always with me, hidden from view with in the gap between sleeve cuff and gloves. I wear soft-rich inky leather gloves for reasons of my own. Ash'kos was binded to me by Alexis, the Ungod. The Rowan Ring graces one of my slender tapered digits. As for the Katar, the little punch dagger lays hidden somewhere in my fleshy form, but I'm not telling where.

A medallion suspended by a delicate chain rests upon my chest. It's composed entirely of platinum. The circlet depicts a winged serpent made of 24 karat red gold with two rubies serve for its eyes. Wings of obsidian and onyx spread out against a sea of crushed paved black diamonds. The circlet's rim is outlined by runes of protection.

The gloves hide a secret that is only known to me and one other. Long ago, I fell prey to Hunter, my half brother and a Do'lo'ris Demon, who feeds of pain, fear, rage, and anger. To make a long story short, he bonded to me. This almost drove me insane. In the end love was is undoing. I did not know he was my brother. I gained his powers which I'm still learning to use. He flung himself back into the eternal darkness of the Abyss where he slumbers still to this day.

On the fleshy part of my right palm, rests his mark, a miniscule black rose with a serpent wrapped about the thorns. This same mark graces my bedchamber's doors. This is the mark I hide with in the subtle confines of my gloves.

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Don't mess with me for I bite hard!

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Tools of the Trade

Rowan Ring
Indian Katar
Ash'kos (Bonded Living Rune)
Nod Poignard
Two Silver Serpent Shaped Poignards
the Soul Aria (Accursed Bond's Rune Blade of the Imajian Divine)
Mythril Whip
Dae'lon (Hell Forged Blade)
Sword Breaker
D'lware's Mate and D'lware (Sentient Whips)
Drake Medri's Torture Implements

Inherent Avatar Aspect Shi'aarae Powers


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