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Messianic Jewish Alliance of America Homepage of the MJAA, or Messianic Jewish Alliance of America. Offers numerous links to projects organized by the MJAA, as well as an extensive description of this organization, founded in 1915. http://www.mjaa.org/

Jews for Jesus The official home page of Jews for Jesus. This page offers an extensive background regarding this religious movement by means of a tremendous number of links to reading passages. This page also offers a search engine, useful in providing a more substantial means to access information concerning this Messianic Jewish organization. http://www.jewsforjesus.org/

Teshuvah Gate AN ORTHODOX JEWISH SITE DEDICATED TO THOSE RETURNING TO A TORAH-TRUE LIFESTYLE. Sponsored by the Baltimore Jewish Network. http://www.teshuvah.com

The Return to God Archive This organization is committed to presenting reliable information about God, and to restoring Christianity to how first century believers practiced it. This page provides a numerous listing of informational links regarding the background of Messianic Judaism. Also located on this page is an extensive list of publications which are founded and operated by this organization. http://www.iclnet.org/pub/resources/text/rtg/rtg-home.html

Congregation Beth Yeshua A Messianic Jewish Synagogue located in Philadelphia, PA. The home page provides various links to lists of events at the Synagogue, as well as a description of the foundation of their beliefs. This Congregation is one of a growing number of Messianic Synagogues across the country. http://www.cby.org/

Messianic Bureau International This is a Messianic Judaism home base of sorts. The MBI manages a tremendous number of Messianic Judaism sites. This page provides links connecting the reader to worldwide Messianic Jewish organizations. The purpose of the MBI is to proclaim the sanctity of Messiah Yeshua to all people, but most importantly to Jewish people. Also, to provide a means of communications for all people involved in the Jewish and non-Jewish Messianic movement and restoration. http://www.messianic.com/

YASHAnet An informative source regarding the people and land of Israel, current events surrounding Messianic Judaism, and the Messiah Yeshua. Provides a substantial amount of material concerning Judaism and Christianity, as well as historical background describing Messianic Judaism. http://www.yashanet.com/

American Messianic Fellowship The purpose of this organization, as stated at the time of its founding in 1887, is " to promote the intellectual, social, and religious welfare of all nationalities." Provides a distinct and extensive listing of Messianic Judaism related material on the Internet. Also, this page relates insights into the AMF's doctrines and beliefs through links to featured articles. http://www.amfi.org/

CHAIM An organization designed to promote the Messianic gospel among the Jewish people by means of direct evangelism, motivating and equipping churches, and disciplining Jewish believers. Their overall drive is to help rebuild the Reformed witness to the Jewish people in America. This site also provides links to various Jewish evangelical sites. http://www.chaim.org

Zola Levitt Ministries A teaching and evangelistic association, this organization works through Gentiles to reach the Jewish populace. These Ministries attempt to accomplish this by educating their Gentile viewers and listeners on the principles of faith which will be most helpful in witnessing to their Jewish friends. http://levitt.com

Chosen People Ministries Chosen People Ministries was founded under the name American Board of Missions in 1894 by Rabbi Leopold Cohn in Brooklyn, New York. They believe Jesus to be the messiah prophesied in Jewish scriptures and their ministry is devoted to bringing that message to Jewish people. This is a substantial and generally well organized web site. http://www.chosen-people.com/

The Jewish Apologist Yahoo Group

I was invited to join this Yahoo group which is no longer active and did, and I asked the following question and received the following response.

Q: I would like to know if any here believe in Yahshua the Messiah as I do, and if not, why is it that you do not believe Yahshua to be Father (G-d's) anointed son.

Webmaster Note: What is in parenthesis is not how I asked the question. They took it upon themselves to remove what I wrote (Yahweh's) and replaced it with (G-d's).

A: Let me clarify that this is not a Messianic forum. If anyone on this forum has subscribed to promote Jesus then you are at the wrong place and will be removed. However, it is fair to ask the question posed above. In answer let me state the following:

The purpose of Mashiach is to bring about the actualization of geulah (redemption). Christianity teaches that Jesus was the savior of the world who brought about a spiritual redemption through his death and that we are now living in the kingdom of G-d or more precisely the Messianic era. Judaism teaches the exact opposite. When Mashiach comes he will bring the Messianic era, which will not be merely spiritual but a rectification of the entire world.

It is well known that the Messianic era is the fulfillment and culmination of the creation of this world, the purpose for which it was originally created… (Tanya, ch. 36)

Currently Jews live in galus but when Mashiach comes all Jews will partake of geulah. Jesus did not accomplish this. Instead Jesus was killed and Christians have taught that he sits around in heaven for thousands of years until he feels like returning and actually doing what the Mashiach is supposed to do.

There is a teaching of two Mashiachs in Judaism. One is a simple Mashiach like many others (Mashiach ben Yoseph) and the second is THE Mashiach that Jews all await. When we say Mashiach, we mean the descendant of David who will restore the Davidic kingdom and rectify the world. Jews pray three times daily, “Speedily cause the Scion of David your servant to flourish.” This is the Mashiach that we await. The Talmud, Midrash and Zohar do mention a second Mashiach. This second Mashiach will be a descendant of Yoseph and will precede the Mashiach ben David and fight against the gentiles. According to Chazal: “The land shall mourn every family apart…” (Zech. 12:12) refers to the death of Mashiach ben Yoseph (Sukkah 52a). The Mashiach ben Yoseph will arise from the line of Yoseph and will fight against the gentiles who come up against Israel- this is known as the great battle of Gog and Magog. Mashiach ben Yoeph will be killed in this battle. Then the Mashiach ben David will arrive and raise the former Mashiach from the dead.

When will the Mashiach actually come? The Mashiach was not scheduled to arrive 2000 years ago.

The world is to exist six thousand years: two thousand years of desolation, two thousand years of Torah, and two thousand of the days of Mashiach. (Sanhedrin 97a).

The period of desolation concluded when Avraham began “making souls” (Bereshis 12:5), converting people to HaShem’s cause. Then came the period of Torah, during which Avraham promoted monotheism in the world. Hence the words of the Midrash, “Until Avraham, the world was conducted in darkness. With Avraham it was illuminated.”

The period of Torah ended around the time of the redaction of the Mishnah and the beginning of the age of the amoraim. The Halachic decisions of the Sages from this time on no longer enjoyed the degree of binding authority that is accorded to the decisions of the tannaim of the Mishnah.

We are now living in the “days of Mashiach,” which does not mean that we are under the rule of Mashiach or in the Messianic era but rather that Mashiach can come at any time if Israel merits his coming. However, even if Israel does not merit the coming of Mashiach at this moment he may still come since it is close to the closing of the last two thousand years.

This is a very brief summary of Jewish expectation concerning the coming of the Mashiach. Jesus simply doesn’t fit the bill. Prior to the life of Jesus and even afterwards there were dozens of Mashiach candidates. Judaism teaches that the Mashiach exists in “every generation.” However, the actualization of Mashiach depends of bnei Yisrael.

Jesus obviously believed that he was the Mashiach like many others. From what we know of his life he was an itinerate preacher who traveled the land of Judea telling all people to make T’shuvah for then the Messianic era would come. When he realized that bnei Ysrael and the Sanhedrin would not accept him as the Mashiach he resultantly knew that he would not accomplish what Mashiach was halachicly supposed to accomplish and laments this when he states : “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often I longed to gather you together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you were not willing…” He knew he would not become Mashiach and being familiar with Jewish teaching he blames it on Israel not meriting the coming of Mashiach.

There is much more to be said about the Mashiach and at some point in the future we will have a lengthy discussion about this.

The Christian view of the Mashiach is not correct for other reasons as well: Mashiach will be a human- not G-d, an angel or pre-existent deity. He will be born of the seed of David- not through a mythological virgin birth. He will cause all of the Jewish people to accept Torah- not do away with it and usher in a new dispensation of lawlessness. He will NOT die for the sins of the world- rather he will restore the Temple in Jerusalem and reinstitute the sacrificial system, which the Torah describes as a sufficient means to atone for sin. As already described he will usher in the Messianic era, which will be a return to the creationist model. When Mashiach comes everyone will accept him as such and he will annihilate Israel’s enemies.




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