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Dell Dimension L____c


Step by Step Upgrade:

Now im sure you have a Celeron 433-500 and thought you were stumped. They is true because your motherboard was built on the PPGA socket 370. So going higher would require a Flip Chip PGA socket 370. Well never fear a company called Powerleap has made an adapter to convert old PPGA socket 370 to the new FCPGA socket 370 standards.

The first thing you will need to do is upgrade your bios to the latest which is A05 but if you have A04 you are ok!

Support.Dell.Com - Downloads for Your Dell


Second you need to purchase the Power leap Neo-S370 Adapter Kit

and the Celeron II Processor of 566-766 FCPGA. Also your motherboard

May not have a CPU fan power so you need a 3-4 pin fan adapter cable.

After you purchased all the correct Parts its time to take apart that old dog!




Now after you have taken the PC apart and have gotten to the old CPU you can raise the small brown lever and take it out.

Now after you take it out your ready to assembly your new upgrade with the kit. All you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the kit. Since the Powerleap adapter is config with the right jumpers you dont need to mess with them at all. Simply line your new CPU up with the adapter and press firmly till it goes in. It helps to look in the instructions on which sides to install the new CPU into.

After you have correctly assembled your CPU adapter kit it is time to install it into your Dell PPGA motherboard the same way you took out the old CPU.

Now after you have done that REMEMBER to install the POWERLEAP heat sink and fan combo.

After you install the CPU fan Combo you can powerup your system and enter the bios. Now this system we upgraded to a Celeron 766 but the bios thinks its a Pentium III 800 rounding the 766 off will equal 800 you see. Also because of the SIMD in the Celeron II its assumes its a Pentium III and also has changed its system ID to be a Dimesnion L800r not a C

Over all the Poweleap Neo-S370 is a life saving bridge to the other side. Just when you thought you were stumped powerleap came through.  I have tested the Neo-S370 with the Intel CA810 and it work great.