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Converting WoD Rules for the Warhammer 40,000 Games System

Converting WoD Rules for the Warhammer 40,000 Games System


Well, This is probably gonna be a bit crappy at the moment, 'cause I'm actually doing this at work during my lunch break. I can't think of a better intro than that, so (for now) we'll just dive straight in. Oh, some of the stats can make pretty obscene characters, but who cares? I don't, you probably won't use these rules anyway. I'll use 'em, but that's just 'cause I wrote 'em, and I've gotta keep up appearences.

Some Storytellers may wish to add or subtract points from the stats, this will probably make for a much more balaced game.

Now, read on...

Character Profiles

Movement (M) - This is four, it is always four (unless you're a Garou, I'll come up with appropiate movement stats for Hispo, Crinos, etc. at a later date)

Weapon Skill (WS) - This is your Brawl plus your Melee.

Ballistic Skill (BS) - This is your Firearms (or Archery) multiplyed by two.

Strength (S) - This is your Strength (Duh...) multiplyed by two.

Toughness (T) - This is your Stamina multiplyed by two.

Wounds (W) - You can either carry on using the normal 'Health Levels' system, or you can divide the character's current Heatlh by two (rounding down, although it cannot go below one). The second option works best if you also use the injury rules from Necromunda as well.

Initiative (I) - This is your Perception multiplyed by two.

Attacks (A) - Normally this is one, if your Character has Celerity, use his level of Celerity instead (i.e. a Character with Celerity two has two Attacks)

Leadership (Ld) - This is your Character's Willpower, no more, no less.

Weapons, Gifts, etc.

I'll be adding stuff about the use of weapons and Gifts at a later date (including ickle tables an' everything!).

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