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The Virtual Nurse

"The Child With Special Mental Health Needs"

When my son was at the age where he was becoming adept at combining mobility with expressive language he was also becoming a behavior challenge. But was it the terrible twos or something more? Even though this was my third child, I wasn't sure if he was developmentally normal, and perhaps it was I who was in a deficit parenting situation, something known as having too much on my plate. I was working part time and had given birth to three children within four years.

The 2 older children were starting to get more social and wanted to have their friends over to the house to play. When this would occur Michael seemed immediately to go into an overload mode. Although he was very skilled at expressing himself verbally at a very young age, he had not a clue how to do it appropriately, peppering conversations with so many curse words that the doctors later questioned the possibility of Tourette's Syndrome(people with TS may involuntarily shout obscenities - coprolalia).

Inevitably this would break up a play date for my other children, as Michael would become more and more stimulated and escalate out of control. In addition to the swearing, he acted out that which he could not articulate - innappropriate overtures of friendship. This would take the form of hitting, spitting, biting, grabbing...all sorts of socially unacceptable actions.

I could tell from early on, say about the age of two or so, that Michael had behavior issues that Christopher and Anne didn't have. To make matters worse for my husband and I, our parenting was called into question, as a possible cause for Michaels odd behavior. But I knew deep down that that wasn't what it was. But without having any concrete answers to say so, the fingers were still pointing in our direction.

I began to seek answers, much like what any parent would do if their child was handicapped in a physical way. As I saw this, it was a social handicap. It was our pediatrician who first set us down the path that would yield us some information as to what we were dealing with.

~ Christine ~

This is to be continued. Please return to see what happens in this family and how they deal with it.

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