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Jana's Personal Story

. Carrie and I started employment at the same hospital in April of 1995. Over the years we talked and became close friends. She told me about her sister in-law, and encouraged me to go see her. At that time I could hardly make it through a shift of work. I was so exhausted and I could not sleep. I had been diagnosed with EBV in 1990. The last time I remembered feeling good was before I got pregnant with my first child in 1987.

I was told by several Dr.s to learn to live with my symptoms because they could not find a specific diagnosis. I refused to learn to live with it so I started reading and searching out alternative ways for healing. I had gone to a MD who did some alternative practices and he supported me with B12, magnesium, and gammaglobulin injections which helped alot. I became pregnant with my second child and he stopped treatment then. After my son was born I continued reading and treating my self with herbs and vitamins.

I told Carrie my history and she told me about her sister in-law. It was in January of 1998 that I finally decided to go and see her. It was very interesting and exciting. I left her office with bottles of homoepathic drops that I was to take a couple times a day. Well I thought if a little is good than more is better. Well I made myself very sick, I had what is called a healing crisis.

I continued to see Julie every 2 weeks for the first little while then once a month. In April my husband was killed and to this day I have not taken a single antidepressant and I know that it was because of what I had been doing. For the past few months I didn't even get a cold.

Carrie and I decided that this was what we wanted to do because we could really help people get better and this was the reason that we both went into nursing in the first place. So after alot of planning and patience and training we opened for buisness on April 1st of 1999. We are both very happy at what we are doing.


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