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Other Disciplines

This site is important to me. I believe that all of theses different disciplines need to work together. There are so many time when the communication barrier is down and that causes the patient to suffer immensly. Reading the information that each of these sites gives you allows you to find the discipline that will better meet your needs. There are not many listed here now, but I assure you there will be.

Alternative Medicine-- This page is written by 2 Nurses who own a business called "Bee Well".

Americas Doctor ~~ Chat 1:1 -- This site is great. I love how I can get in and talk with a Dr. right then. May take a few minutes, but you are getting a real Dr. They also supply you with information, regarding your topic, right to your page.

Certified Nursing Assistants (also known as CNA's) --This is written by an outstanding CNA/PT. She is a very hard worker and has a very large heart. (also has a new filly), I think CNA's work their butts off. I have respect for everybody I work with, but I tell you what, I work with the 6 best CNA's! And I mean that!

Psychiatric Technicians (also known as a Psych Tech or PT)--To be a psych tech ..... hmmm, well, come on in a read about them.

Social Worker's Corner-- This page is written by a woman who is a Social Worker going back to school for her Masters. You can bet that anything written on this page comes straight from her heart. She is a great Social Worker, and really cares for your residents/clients.