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Bee Well

with the BEST System

Janalee BSN RN & Carrie ADN RN

BioMeridian The Human Calibration Company
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The name of our buisness is Bee Well, and we do meridian stress assessments.

The human body has an incredible ability to heal itself if it is given a chance. In our world today enviornmental pollutants, everyday stress, and illnesses are constantly wearing down our bodies. There are many avenues one can choose to enhance the healing process.

The BEST(Bio Energetic Stress Test) system is an assessment tool that enables one to gather information about the body's present state of health. There are many acupressure points in the body that are connected through channels called meridians. These meridians make a full circuit of energy through the tissues and organs of the corresponding acupressure points. There are several meridians that begin or end in the hands and the feet. By testing these acupressure points in the hands and the feet, the Best system measures the energetic properties of the body's meridians and indicates whether they are stressed, weakened, or balanced. The system then can suggest many different remedies that will help the body restore itself to an optimal state of health.

The BEST system is not a diagnostic tool and is used only for assessment. The primary purpose of this system is to evaluate the energy flow through the body. It is not meant to make a medical diagnosis or replace medical intervention.

Bee Well Meridian Stress Assessment Functional Health Analysis

Janalee BSN RN Carrie ADN RN 975 North Main Street Suite #1(South Side of Building) Layton, Utah 84041 For appointment call 801-593-9353.

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