In 1974, as a child the age of 13, I received letters which were put into storage. Unearthing them in 1993, as a result of wierd experiences for which I saught some explanation in the past, I discovered that the letters make reference to the murder of Martin Luther King and accurately predict the murder of John Lennon on Dec. 8 1980. The following is the text of two of those letters, from a xerox printed in the Carnegie Mellon University Student Union newspaper.

Envelope from 1975 reads, "I Am The Walrus" and "this is a very old letter".

Letter dated 4/4/74

Dear Jimmy:

Today is a freaky day. I say is, not was, because maybe something else will happen between now and the time I go to sleep. Today is three things: it's exactly six months since I moved here; it's De De's birthday and furthermore exactly six years ago today Martin Luther King was shot. Coincidences happened a lot today. I think God must be watching over me. It's a Thursday, and it was a Thursday on October 4th (e.g. 10-4). We have a 6 day schedule at school, today was a day 2, the same day it was on October 4th. The weather is mostly the same. Right now I'm sittin gon the porch writing this. The reason I am sitting on the front (e.g the word "front" is underlined) is 'cause if I look across the street I can see David's house. But I never see him. -snip-

Letter two, same bundle, undated

Dearest Jimi:

Hello good friend. I love you. This has been an extremely crummy weekend. I liked this guy and I introduced him to my friend and now they're going out. Guess life is rough. I love writing letters I love the words and being able to say my thoughts born december 8th 1961 Gail Carolyn Burstyn october 20th 19? James MacRyland Crary died when they did and lived how they could and left behind the story of the bird. The swallow flies through the night, he travels nowhere in the dark.

This is how it is before we are born the swallow comes to a lighted barn and flies swiftly into one door, through, and out another. the short span of flight through the illuminated barn symbolizes our life. the swallow flies out into darkness once again and this is much like our death. he flies towards the unknown. we too will reach it. (four bird shapes) "take away, take away my eyes, sometimes I'd rather be blind." I saw this movie "the passenger" it was so excellent, someday I will explain it to you. I think I'll have a chuke before I go to sleep (e.g. arcane word for prison, sic. "chukey" OED) Ain't it wierd how sometimesall I want to say has already been written?

Oh, guess what? I got my P.SAT scores. I'm a number now. If I die, will you come to the funeral? When will I write the invitations? Is there music when we die?

Footnote from Crary: Gail corrolates the shooting of Martin Luther King to De-De's birthday "exactly six years" ago from 1974. Six years later on Gail's birthday John Lennon was shot. This is one of a series of codifications which appear in her seemingly innocent letters. She herself calls attention to coincidences, eliminating, in my view, the possibility that is all they are. It is not coincidence, it is a pattern, and, in my view, a plot.

James Crary