According to Penn Jones( in ''Forgive my grief IV''),the theme of ClintMurchison's gala party was ''A Night in Egypt'' in honor to FBI DirectorJ.Edgar Hoover. That party was attended by other notables such as ''JohnMcCloy, Richard Nixon, George and Herman Brown, R.L.Thornton, H.L.Hunt and a host of others from the 8F group. Why ''Night in Egypt''?

According to Robert Morningstar:'' There was another interesting side light to Murchison's party. It was also attended by a uniqueastronomical event: a very rare conjunction of the planets Mars and Venus in the constellation Scorpio.It is interesting to note that the first assassination in recorded history, the murder of Osirir, the Egyptian God-King, by his evil twin, Set, was executed on a similar day,strangely enough, in Egypt."

Written by: Eulalia Moreno

Added Comment:

JFK was killed on November 22, during the last minutes of the sun's stay in Scorpio for that year. At that time of the year the sun becomes dimmer and it is the traditional time of the death of the "sun god", creatures like Osiris, JFK, etc.