Freedom-Lovers International
Shonda M. Ponder, president
10300 Harwin Drive, #708
Houston, TX 77036

What happened in Waco at the Branche Davidian Compound was more than just a tragic government blunder. It was more than a cover-up. It was an act of God.

Those who died at the Branche Davidian Compound were martyrs for the cause of freedom, though many of them never knew what was happening even until the moment of their death. The survivors of the Waco fire are even just now seeing the full impact of the deaths at Waco.

Waco brought about a unity of freedom-lovers across the nation. It gave freedom a cause to defend, and the willingness to exercise its rights. Many eyes were opened to the dangers of Big Brother Government. Many comraderies were formed and bonded in love and understanding that there is something greater than Monday night football at stake here.
New vows were taken, and many pledged again their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors to fight the monster that attacked Waco--not the government, but the corruption within it that caused the murder of innocent victims all in the name of the children. Today, many have already paid the ultimate price for that pledge, though we may never even hear the names of half of them.

It is the martyrs of Waco that has brought the nation to its knees again in support of religious freedom. Many people have been admitted to the Kingdom of God through the influence of Waco in many different sects of religion. So, David Koresh did not ultimately die in vain, and neither did those innocent babies who were never seen alive again. Waco became a door, and a finger of God for the nation.

It is the martyrs of Waco that woke up many 2nd Amendment advocates, renewing the spirit of "You can pry my gun from my cold dead fingers" and causing the "Don't tread on me" flag to wave once again throughout the nation. For Koresh and his followers, guns were a way of life. For the government, it was a threat against the elite establishment that is hungry for the control of every facet of our lives. If Koresh were allowed to continue, he might have influenced more than the government could handle.

The government feared this so greatly that they decided to cut off their nose to spite their face and instead of taking him alive, they killed him and all of his followers they could get in hopes of setting an example. Today, they realize that it was probably a fatal blunder on their part.

Too many people asked too many questions, and those people did not live in compounds or isolated places (like the Weaver's in Idaho did). The people were too smart to band together so the government could suppress them quickly, as was the plan in the "Communist Manifesto," and today, the internet has become the weapon of choice for many freedom advocates. It is safe, effective, and legal. And it holds a lot more power than did the Liberty Tree before the Revolutionary War.

Now, the government is discussing ways to limit the privileges of internet users, trying to find a way to do it so that it is not rebelled against by the public.

This is a new era. A new look for the nation, and a new sense of freedom has come about that many are reluctant to let go of now that they have discovered it. David Koresh and the victims of the Branche Davidian Compound in Waco will go down in history books as a milestone for freedom.

In Texas, "Remember the Alamo" has been forgotten and replaced with "Remember Waco". The rest of the nation has adopted the logo "Never Again."

Freedom has become a lifestyle worth dying for because 17 little children were killed by an entity that says it only wants "what's best for the children".

The start of a restoration of the Great Republic envisioned by our founding fathers has come alive, and it will not stop until it is respected once again by those in power.

Waco, I salute you, and I thank you for being the cornerstone for the foundation that will make the American Dream a reality once again.

Shonda Ponder