Federal Republic of Earth

[This is the exact plan of the Antichrist - to redistribute the earth's wealth i.e. take from the West and give to the third world countries...and restructure religion - as outlined by the Illuminati for the coming "Plan" or New World Order. ]

By Mary Jo Anderson
1999 WorldNetDaily.com

World leaders convened in San Francisco at the posh Fairmont hotel last week for the fifth annual State of the World Forum. The Forum is a project of the Gorbachev Foundation whose mission statement reads, "To serve as a non-partisan forum for addressing the central concerns facing humanity at the beginning of the new millennium." The overarching theme of this year's Forum was the establishment of a planetary government empowered to "enforce human rights."

As the chic leftists, with their new age gurus in tow, feasted sumptuously on $100 per plate dinners their chatter decried the plight of the poor. Enforcing equitable distribution of the world's resources demands global adoption of "sustainable development," as part of the "environmental rights" of all men.

We might laugh it off as the final utopian scheme of the millennium were it not for the deadly serious intent of some very influential people. Past and present speakers at the Forum include: George Bush, Margaret Thatcher, James A. Baker, III, media mogul Ted Turner, Jean Houston, Desmond Tutu, futurist John Naisbitt, Carl Sagan, Jesse Jackson, Deepak Chopra, alternative medicine star, Andrew Weil, Queen Noor of Jordan, Earth Council president Maurice Strong, primatologist Jane Goodall and Yashuhiro Nakasone. These luminaries were joined by U.S. senators and business leaders (namely, David Rockefeller and Steve Kirsch, CEO of Infoseek), Nobel laureates, spiritual gurus, indigenous peoples' representatives and world-class scientists. World peace, nuclear disarmament, and ecology rounded out the six-day agenda, but the centerpiece was a call for a "new world spirit" which recognizes the "unity of the human family" and the necessity of a world federation to keep peace in the family.

The $5,000 registration fee and scant promotional information ensured that only leftist guests and liberal-pedigreed participants were in attendance.

A roundtable discussion, "The United Nations in Ten years; The United Nations in One Hundred Years," admitted that the U.N. as it stood was only a foundation for the world federation which would require a voluntary army to "deter human rights abuses." Moderated by Tad Daly, director of Global Security Programs for the State of the World Forum, the discussion featured senator Alan Cranston and Tom Spencer, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Security and Defense Policy Committee of the European Parliament. The two were joined by various academics and diplomats who advocated abolishing the veto power of the U.N. Security Council -- a dated mechanism favoring the winners of World War II -- adopting instead a "Parliament of Humankind." World peace was possible if a "planetary patriotism" for the "Federal Republic of Earth" supplanted nationalism. The U.N. must also restructure the General Assembly, instituting a weighted voting process in place of the one country, one vote system now employed. This proposal would provide an equitable sharing of power among the more populous nations such as China and India.

Proponents of world government welcomed the advent of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as the framework for "enforceable world law" which would have juridical power over individuals as well as nations. Despite Oxford and Harvard degrees, none had an answer for a journalist who inquired who would police the peacekeepers and the planetary judges.

The roundtable was studded with members of the World Federalist Association, an organization with "consultative" status at the United Nations.

One late night "Socratic dialogue" explored "Worldviews by which we live" which served to deconstruct the Western Christian worldview in favor of a new hybrid which combines adulterated Hinduism, Buddhism and New Age silliness. Discussion leaders included Daniel Sheehan the director of "New Paradigm Initiative" for the State of the World Forum, pantheist biologist Rupert Sheldrake, a Tibetan chant scholar and Jose Arguelles, the author of "The Mayan Factor and Earth Ascending." The last evening's Socratic dialogue addressed quantum physics and its theological implications. Led by "mystics" interpreting physics, including Jean Houston and Margot Anand ("Everyday Ecstasy"), the session was preceded by an "ohmmmmmn" meditative chant while Houston read in a hypnotic tone a "prayer" for world unity of consciousness. The transfer of what remains of the Christian foundation of Western Civilization to a pop amalgamation of "the best of the wisdom traditions " was the goal of the dialogues.

Little imagination is required to see how clever a scheme it is to make "world unity" a "spiritual imperative."

Such global unity of mind, spirit and purpose forges a "cosmic consciousness" to be directed at the environment, at equitable distribution of planetary resources and at fostering voluntary sustainable development as defined by the one-worlders. One need but recall the distribution of environmental action kits to thousands of American churches and synagogues last year by the National Religious Partnership for the Environment to appreciate their victory. The NRPE mission? "Our goal is to integrate commitment to global sustainability and environmental justice permanently into all aspects of religious life."

The State of the World Forum, as the most visible arm of those shadowy hands on the levers of world power, has devised a masterful non-violent approach to achieving global government: Seduce the churches into promoting planetary citizenship where national borders are obliterated in the name of "environmental justice," a human right.

Americans who still find wisdom in nationhood as mediator between the individual and a "One World Destiny" the world federalists have outlined cannot comfortably dismiss the Forum as a collection of talking heads. The State of the World Forum and the United Nations will convene a joint special assembly in September 2000.