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Date:          October 14th, 1999
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Las Vegas, Nevada -- On Sunday, October 24th, 1999 the United Nations will be celebrating their 54th Anniversary.  We too, will be celebrating their anniversary on that same date, and would like to invite you to the United Nations Flag Burning Ceremony, in honor of former Army Specialist, Michael G. New, across the street from the Foley Federal Building, down town at 2:00 p.m.  The U.N. Flag was donated by Michael's father Daniel.

The Charter of the United Nations Conference on International Organization, and came into force on October 24th, 1945. On October 10th, 1995, the 1/15 Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army came to attention at 0900 in Schweinfurt, Germany.  All but one of the 550 soldiers were wearing a sky-blue baseball-style cap with a United Nations insignia on the front.  One was wearing the olive-drab flat cap that in authorized to be worn with the Battle Dress Uniform.  With this simple act of disobeying a direct order, Spc. 4 Michael New set the stage for a legal battle that has profound implications for the future of American generations.  St issue is the authority of the president of the United States to order American soldiers into service under the United Nations without the constitutional permission of Congress.

America stands at a crossroads in history.  Will we face the future as an independent Republic?  Or will our grandchildren grow up in a New World Order governed from New York City, where we as a Member State, can be consistently out-voted by a hundred other countries who do not share our heritage, our values, and our interest?  This legal case may well determine the future of our nation.

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